Welcome to Cocomix Quality Produts, Srilanka


Welcome to Cocomix Quality Produts, Srilanka


Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment, whether in the production, use or disposal.

100% Natural

Products produced using exclusively natural methods, containing only natural ingredients.


Capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of microorganisms.


Good value for the amount of money paid

Why you should select us?

We are a well established Cocopeat and coir Products manufacturing and exporting company in Sri Lanka with a strong client tale including Cocopeat and coir importers.Most of our happy clients have selected us over many other Cocopeat exporters because of few strong reasons; those reasons are the unmatchable three benefits that we offer to our clients, namely Competitive Price, High Quality and our customizing ability.

We have been in Cocopeat and coir business for many years as a manufacturer and exporter, we know how much quality matters when exporting to some countries which require high quality standards, we have vast experience in successfully meeting quality requirements of those countries, Do not ever doubt on quality of our products, we offer you Cocopeat and coir with right quality to meet your requirements exactly.

To gives a good price for our importers, it is very helpful that we produce raw material for our production. Up to now, we could produce most of raw materials required for our production. Additionally it gave us more ability on the raw material quality control.

We as a manufacture got the ability to customize the product to meet your requirement exactly, you may need different sizes, different qualities different packaging, we are ready to do it on behalf you.

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5kg Naked Plank

This is a very competitive product and is a 4: 1 compressed 5 kg model. Size 30x30x15 cm, there is more market. High expansion materials and compressed 5kg blocks can get over 75L. We can load 27 metric tons bulk loading 40 ft HCC and palletizing 25.6 mt / h Loading Bulk They require dumplings to be loaded. Palletized unload is much easier.

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Open top Bags

This product is also a hydroponic system bag, but the advantage can be developed indoors as well as outdoors. Also, drainage holes can be used to release excess water that grows outdoors. The main crops to be cultivated are Cannabis, Raspberry, Blueberry and Big Berry. Cucumber and some flower growers.

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25kg Bale

This is a semi-compressed bale, similar to the Canadian 4cuft bale, mainly in Japanese demand. also few other markets too . 600 containers, 170L -200L per bale,  easy handling, hand breakable.

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Grow Bags

These products are very popular for growing in greenhouses because of biodegradable products. High water retention and substrate requirements can improve crops, aeration pits and water capacity. Very high capacity roots zones. The most popular crop is tomato / strawberry / cucumber / bell pepper. There are more sizes available and customizable.

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