Apple Card Interest Free Macbook

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by Dalvin Brown, Usa Today

Apple is offering interest-free financing on new iPad, Mac and AirPod purchases for those enrolled in its branded credit card program. And you'll get 3% cashback up-front.

But here's the catch: You must buy the devices on, on the Apple Store app or at an official Apple Store.

Apple Card Interest Free Macbook

The new purchasing plan will vary by device, though it's similar to what the tech giant introduced in 2019 for iPhone.

Apple Card Interest Free Macbooks

Just like the iPhone financing program, Apple's new plan lets you pay off the merchandise via monthly installments. Just choose Apple Card Monthly Installments as the payment option when you're checking out.

Apple launches interest-free installment plans for iPhone, iPad and Mac for Apple Card owners A little surprise for Apple fans ahead of WWDC By Adrian Potoroaca June 15, 2020, 13:40. Currently, Apple Card customers are able to buy an iPhone from Apple, using an interest-free payment plan linked to the credit card. Under new proposals, Apple will be making it possible for other. Apple first introduced the ability for customers to set up an interest-free financing plan through Apple Card back in October, during an investor call. This is the same 24-month instalment loan.

Smartphones can be paid off over 24 months, while Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods can only be financed for over six months with no interest. Other devices like Macs, iPads and accessories qualify for 12 months of interest-free payments.

Does Apple Card Have Interest Free Financing

Currently, there is no option to finance the Apple Watch.

Apple launched its digital credit card, a Mastercard, in 2019 through a partnership with issuer Goldman Sachs. The credit card offers unlimited cash back on purchases. And the 3% cashback accrued is immediately deposited to the Apple Cash card.

Monthly installments live in the Wallet app along with remaining balance, and payment history.

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Apple is readying to launch new Apple Card monthly payment plans, similar to what it introduced at the end of 2019 for iPhone. On the last quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that the program would expand to other products soon.

Macbook Pro Interest Free Apple Card

According to Bloomberg, the new financing will let customers buy products including iPad, Mac, Apple Pencil, Pro Display XDR on their Apple Card in monthly instalments, over 12 months at 0% interest. Apple will offer six-months interest free plans for cheaper products like Apple TV, AirPods and HomePod. This is less than the 24 months free financing the Apple Card offers for iPhone purchases.

Just like the iPhone program, the purchase is added to the Apple Card transaction history. Once the 0% interest 6 or 12 months period is up, the remainder of the balance is added to the card and is paid in accordance to the user’s standard Apple Card interest rate.

As the financing requires an Apple Card, it naturally means the offer will be limited to the United States for the foreseeable future. Goldman Sachs has said that it is interested in bringing Apple Card to more geographic markets but nothing seems imminent at this time.

Apple added 0% financing monthly payment plans to iPhone as part of its strategy to improve iPhone sales; easier access to cheap financing means more people can afford to buy Apple’s products. The same logic extends to Apple’s other hardware too. Similarly, the plans can also increase adoptions of the Apple Card itself — which Apple makes money from over the long term.

In the past, Apple has run 0% financing promotions in partnership with third-parties like Barclaycard. But now it has its own credit card, it is gradually moving all promotions to be based on Apple Card in the US.


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