Bootable Os X Yosemite Usb

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After that TransMac will create bootable Mac OS USB within few minutes. For what it's worth, when I plug in this drive into my working MBP, I see the 'Install OS X Yosemite' get mounted in Finder. Here is a screenshot of the 'Startup Disk' option within 'System Preferences' on my working MBP that has the Bootable USB plugged in - which proves. The traditional method of creating a bootable OS X USB installer no longer works, so you’ll need to follow a new approach when dealing with OS X Yosemite. While there are multiple methods that will work, here’s the easiest way to create a bootable OS X 10.10 Yosemite USB Installer for the Yosemite Public Beta.

Bootable os x yosemite usb iso

There are many ways that you can create a bootable Mavericks USB Drive but this seems to me the far easiest way to do so. In this article I will assume that you already have a reasonable grasp of the OSX system and cut out the lengthy text:

1. Download Yosemite from the Apple Store

Yosemite can be downloaded directly from Apple Store here. After download it will try and install automatically on your Mac. Just cancel out of this.

2. Verify the Installation Files are present

Head over to your Applications folder and check that there is a file which says Install Yosemite

2. Prepare a USB Flash Drive (Must be 8Gb or larger)

  • Plug the USB Drive in to your Mac and open “Disk Utility” (found under applications / utilities in finder)
  • Select the USB Drive
  • Select the Erase tab
  • Ensure that the format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

IMPORTANT – Leave the name as “Untitled”. If you change this the next step won’t work

Download Os X Yosemite Bootable Usb

3. Create the Bootable Yosemite USB Drive

Mac Os X Yosemite Usb Bootable

Open up Terminal (found in applications)

Type this in:

Wait for the process to complete. Done.


4. Boot from the Yosemite USB Drive

Restart your computer and hold down “Option”. You can now select the USB Drive you just created.

Os X Yosemite Bootable Usb On Windows

This article is an updated version of our previous Mavericks USB Install Guide.

Os X Yosemite Bootable Usb

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