Cant Install El Capitan

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I have downloaded El Capitan both from the App Store and from Apple online, and I can download it. The problem is that I can't install it because my MacOS version is too old according to the installation program. But I will try to download Sierra now. I don't care which version I get as long as it ables me to update Chrome and other software. Can't Install El Capitan. Posted by 4 years ago. Can't Install El Capitan. Hello, I have an A1278 Macbook Core 2 Duo 13' from late 2008.

Installing El Capiton on an old Mac Book Pro today, I received the error:

OS X could not be installed on your computer

Hackintosh can

Download El Capitan

No packages were eligible for install. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.

I checked Appleā€™s support Matrix (it is a very old macbook pro) at and it was listed as supported.

After lots of Googling and investigation, I discovered that the date and time were not set to current, the macbook thought it was year 2000.

Can't Install El Capitan On Imac

You can easily reset the time and date by following the steps below:

  • Click Utilities on the menu bar
  • Select Terminal
  • Type date
  • Confirm the date is wrong
  • Type date 062112422016 (example: June 21st 12:42 2016)
  • Exit terminal
  • Click Restart

Can't Install El Capitan On Older Macbook

Once the Date and time are configured you will be able to install OS X.

Install Sierra

Easy fix, for a ridiculous error!