Download Clover Configurator Mojave

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Download Clover Configurator Mojave

Clover Configurator is an application to edit and generate Config.plist files of Clover Bootloader.

Create your own Clover EFI config files via a streamlined and well organized graphical user interface.

Mojave Desktop Support. Advance builds of Clover. Categories Categories. Tonymacx86 Downloads 25. MultiBeast Archive 56. I will show you, how to update the Clover Bootloader on your Hackintosh build and also how to update drivers and kernel extensions before upgrade of macOS Mojave. And later in this video I will also show you, how to recover you broken installation. There is few ways how to do it, but I will show you the one most of you will use, the easiest way.

Clover Configurator For Windows

DownloadDownload Clover Configurator Mojave

Thanks to its easy design, finding your way around the Clover Configurator application is very easy. Simply navigate to the available sections and adjust specific parameters.

Easily modify the parameters of your Clover EFI configuration file.

Download Clover Configurator Mojave Key

This utility keeps the Clover EFI parameters organized into various sections, you can start by modifying the ACPI parameters, you can personalize the boot mode, adjust the CPU performance, disable certain drivers, and etc. When you are done with your settings, navigate to the built in generator to create a config file that will provide a working configuration file for your Clover EFI boot-loader.