Free Software To Clean Mac

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Magoshare AweUninser for Mac is the safe and efficient free Mac uninstaller to completely uninstall applications and software on your Mac. It not only can quickly uninstall unwanted applications, but it also can remove all related files including logs, junk files, register files, and other leftovers. The cleaner wants you to install additional software programs to clean Mac of junk files. The cleaner aggressively pushes a subscription or premium license. If you stick to the top 10 best free Mac cleaners described in this article, then you shouldn’t run into any of these issues. No.5 Free Mac cleaner: Dr. Cleaner – Free memory, disk, system cleaner. Cleaner is one free Mac cleaning app to offer Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance. Smart and accurate selection for duplicates scan and remove on Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or later.

To keep your Mac free from all the junk and unwanted files you must have Mac Cleaning Software. Mac computer slowness issue will disturb your system works. Reinstalling Mac OS will be your next thought but it will not help you. However, there are the best free Mac cleaners, which clean up all junk files and temporary files and boost your Mac OS performance. These Cleaning tools also help to free up disk space on your Mac. Hence, the system performance issues with insufficient disk space due to junk, files, caches, cookies, and unwanted large files are sorted with a single click with Best Mac cleaner Software.

Here, we have suggested the top 10 Mac cleaner Software available in the market.


  • 1 Best Free Mac Cleaner Software

Best Free Mac Cleaner Software

1. Mackeeper

Are you facing trouble loading while working on the mac? Then you are at the right place. This Mackeeper will help you a lot to clean your mac, remove the malware or adware from your mac. It also optimizes your Mac and speeds up its functioning. It also provides the VPN Solution, Smart Uninstaller, and Antivirus Solution in one suite.


  • Disk Optimization with Smart Uninstaller
  • Mac Cleaner
  • VPN Connect
  • Smart Ad Blocker
  • Disk Memory booster


  • Grab the best deal with 12-Months Plan at $7.45/ Month (For 3 Macs)
  • 12- Months Plan at $5.95 / Month (For 1 Macs)
  • 1- Month Plan at $14.95 (For 1 Mac)

2. CleanMyMac X

CleanmyMac X is the best free Mac cleaner, which has more than 15-million, downloads as of today. MacPaw develops this Mac cleaner software. This is one of the best cleaner apps for mac which helps to remove all the junk files and cache from your MAC. It will solve all of your slowness and performance issues with Mac computers. It is also many features like Uninstaller, Remove Large files and Delete junk files, caches, and partial downloads.


  • CleanmyMac does Mac OS optimization to improve overall performance.
  • It cleans up cache files, cookies, deletes useless data, junk files, RAM, and unwanted plug-ins to boost speed.
  • CleanmyMac deletes large hidden files.
  • It has Space Lens, which you can use this tool to free up disk space.
  • CleanmyMac does remove malware from the Mac system.
Free Software To Clean Mac


  • CleanmyMac offers yearly subscriptions and one-time purchases.
  • Yearly Subscription Costs $ 39.95
  • Also available Free Edition

3. Macbooster

Macbooster as the name says can boot your Mac OS speed is guaranteed. It is the best Mac cleaner, which can delete more than twenty varieties of junk files. The developer of this advanced Mac cleaner is Iobit. Their software products are freeware to Mac systems. You can try its free trial and go for the paid version after checking its advanced features. However, you can try its free version and try the paid version after checking whom it is working.


  • Macbooster cleans up large files, which are unwanted and hidden.
  • It does RAM optimization and boots up Mac performance.
  • Macbooster locates duplicate files and deletes them automatically to save disk space.
  • It comes with the Turbo Boost feature, which is quick and reliable to boost up your Mac OS and increase the overall system performance.
  • Macbooster improves Mac security by its malware scan feature.


  • Macbooster Lite Plan costs $ 39 as a one-time purchase for single system use only.
  • Macbooster Standard Plan costs $ 59, which can be used in 3-different systems.
  • Macbooster Premium Plan costs $ 89, which can be used in 5-different systems.

4. Ccleaner for Mac

Piriform develops Ccleaner for Mac. They released for Mac systems in 2012. Since then, it is one of the best Mac cleaners. It boosts OS performance by deleting cookies, junk files, temporary files, and unused data. Hence, you will save time and money on Mac maintenance costs for slowness issues. Overall, you will not find any system slowness issues after installing Ccleaner for Mac OS. It will help you if you try its trial version, which is free online.


  • It is the best free Mac cleaner, which is available as freeware for domestic and commercial customers to clean unwanted files and boost up OS.
  • Ccleaner for Mac comes with an uninstall panel. It will delete them with its entire cache and history.
  • It is one of the best apps cleaners for Mac by having an app’s interface feature.
  • Ccleaner for Mac comes with a system registry cleaner.
  • It deletes all web-related activities, which stores cookies and occupy your Mac disk space.


Ccleaner for Mac is a free-to-download cleaner tool. Yet, its Pro version costs $ 25 a month.

5. Disk Doctor

Free app to clean macbook air

Disk Doctor is the best free Mac cleaner as of now. Genericom is the developer of this cleaner tool. It cleans up unnecessary files and speeds up your Mac OS. This fermium product is available to download from Apple Store. This cleaner tool is the recipient of the Mac Gem Award in 2013 by Mac World. It is one of the most preferred Mac cleaning tools, which is download online by Mac system users.


  • Disk Doctor comes with a robust scanning feature. By this, it deletes unwanted large files and frees up the main disk space.
  • It can remove gigabytes of cache files. It will boost your OS.
  • Disk Doctor removes language file, which is not necessary for the user.
  • It eliminates junk files properly to save your disk space.
  • Disk Doctor Cleanup web-related logs and caches.


  • Disk Doctor costs $ 2.99 only

6. AVG Cleaner for Mac

It is the best free Mac cleaner, which is developed by AVG technologies. It is also a sister company of Avast, which is famous for developing antivirus software. AVG distributes this product as freeware globally. You can download it from the Apple store and see how it resolves your Mac system speed, performance and saves free disk spaces in the main drive. AVG cleaner has one of the cheapest Mac cleaners application available.


  • It has a disk cleaner to optimize your Mac OS performance.
  • It removes log files, which are not noticeable.
  • AVG Cleaner for Mac automatically deletes any types of duplicate files and saves disk space.
  • It deletes all types of junk files in a single click.
  • It is the best Mac cleaner with a user-friendly interface.


  • Its price is nil or free for a lifetime as of now.

7. EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0

EaseUS is the developer company behind EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0. They sell this cleaner tool or software as a fermium product. You can download its free version and try how it works to resolve your Mac system speed issues. Later, you can buy its paid version after checking its main features. It makes you work hazel free when you are connected over the internet. It will help you if you download the latest version.


  • It cleans and clears away all internet related cache and temporary files.
  • EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0 deducts duplicates files and recommend for deletion to save disk space.
  • It automatically detects large unwanted files and deletes them to free up space on the main disk.
  • EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0 comes with an application manager to manage the unwanted application on your Mac computer.
  • This cleaner can delete all junk files in your Mac within a few seconds and shows free space along with the report.


  • EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac 5.0 pricing starts from $ 35.4 for home and commercial use.

8. Avira Optimizer for Mac OS

It is the best free Mac cleaner for home use. Avira is a famous Germany-based computer security software developer. They offer this cleaner as a free-tool worldwide. It has 4.2 ratings by real-time users. All end-users of this tool have mentioned, they did not find any Mac OS hard disk crush and boot issues after running this cleaner. Hence, it saves time once you download and install on your Mac system.


  • Avira Optimizer for Mac OS optimizes your Mac computer with a single click on this tool.
  • It has a user-friendly cleaner scheduling feature.
  • Avira Optimizer cleans up any large flies, which are hidden.
  • It comes with free internet security features to clean up cookies, cache files, and temporary internet files.
  • Avira Optimizer for Mac OS automatically detects hidden junk files and deletes them to save space.


  • Nil or free for a lifetime

9. Drive Genius

Drive Genius is the best Mac cleaner to use in Mac OS version 10 and above. Prosoft Engineering Inc develops this intelligent cleaner tool. They provide this tool as a cloud-based fermium product worldwide. It will be best to try its free version. You can later go to a premium version if it is working well.


  • Drive Genius optimizes your Mac RAM performance by cleaning them in a single click.
  • It comes with a data shredder tool.
  • It is the best Mac cleaner for detecting and removing malware.
  • This tool guarantees no data loss while deleting duplicate files.
  • Drive Genius shows accurate reports on Mac performance and storage.


  • Free limited edition
  • Drive Genius Premium plan is priced at $ 299

10. Onyx

Onyx is the best free Mac cleaner, which is compatible with Mac OS 10.0 and below. Hence, people using an old Mac system or an old version will be benefited out of this cleaner tool. By this feature, it is the best Mac cleaner for home Mac users. However, there are many users in this category, whose Mac systems are still working in good condition.


  • Onyx structures the system files to boost disk performance.
  • It comes with a memory optimizer feature.
  • Onyx deletes web-related files like cookies and internet cache files to save disk space.
  • It optimizes RAM speed by removing unwanted registries.
  • Onyx removes and cleans up all types of junk files.


Free Software To Clean Mac Of Viruses

Freeware or Nil Price

11. TuneupMyMac

TuneupMyMac is the best Mac cleaner, presently as per user reviews. It has advanced features when compared to its competitors. Yet, this tool is compatible with Mac OS 10.7 version and above only. By installing this cleaner software, you can resolve Mac slowness issues. It works automatically as you will not find any system slowness issues.


  • TuneupMyMac allows cleaning all kinds of obsolete files in a single touch within a few seconds.
  • It allows deleting duplicate files delete at your end such that no data loss will happen.
  • TuneupMyMac removes any unwanted registries, which slows Ram performance while in system booting.
  • This cleaner software comes with an internet privacy cleaner.
  • TuneupMyMac deletes unwanted and large files to save disk space.


Pricing starts from $ 49.5

Faqs – Mac Cleaning Software

How can I speed up my old Mac?

You must clean all the junk and cache files in your mac which will help you to keep your Mac computer faster. CleanMyMac is one of the best tools to speed up your Old Mac.

How do I clean my Mac to make it run faster?

This can be done by various methods

  1. You must Delete the applications which you don’t use
  2. Remove the unnecessary personal data which is not required
  3. Remove the extra widgets
  4. Must delete the browsing history from your browser
  5. You should Quit Apps that contain a lot of space
  6. Download and Run CleanMyMac X Software

What is the best cleaner software for a Mac?

CleanMyMac X is a top-rated Mac cleaning tool recommender by experts. It comes with different functions like Uninstaller, Duplicates Finder, Removes junk files, Antimalware tool, Privacy protection, Software updater etc.

Is Clean My Mac free?

Clean My Mac is not a free application but you can download its free trial version.

Is CCleaner safe for Mac?

Yes It is Completely safe for your Mac but if you want to best tool for your Mac then you should go for CleanMyMac

Does Apple recommend Mac cleaner?

Apple is not associated with CleanMyMac as both are different companies. But Using CleanMyMac will be helpful for your Mac

Do Mac cleaners work?

Best Free Software To Clean Mac

Yes, Mac Cleaner really works to speed up your mac by removing junks.

Conclusion – Best Free Mac Cleaner

Free Software To Clean Macbook Pro

If you want to speed up your Mac and want to keep your Mac free from junks then you must download a legit Mac Cleaning tool like CleanMyMac. This software is rated as the best tool to keep your Mac Clean. The other tools in the list are MacBooster, Disk Doctor, Onyx, DaisyDisk, Smart Mac Care, and AppCleaner & Uninstaller. We have tried and tested these Mac cleaners and listed them down according to their functionality.

Best Free Utility To Clean Mac

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