How To Play Netflix Offline On Mac

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Netflix made it possible to download content for offline use in November of last year. Only select movies and shows are available for download, unfortunately, but that includes popular original. The% of people watching movies on a mac is minimal. Hence there is no native app, only web app. The reason why W10 got an app (not really a good one) that allows for offline watching is that Netflix thought about those W10 tablet devices (think Surface), not really 'laptops'.

Watching Netflix movies would be a perfect choice to entertain yourself while you have to spend a long and boring journey on a flight. However, as the internet connection is not very good on a plane, streaming movies online smoothly would almost be impossible. Thus, you’d better download them from Netflix in advance for offline viewing. In this article, we are going to show you two ways to download and play Netflix movies offline.

Netflix offers a feature to download Netflix videos for offline streaming. You can actually download movies and shows from Netflix to watch offline on your Android, iOS, and Windows 10 (Anniversary Update or later) device, which would be introduced with detailed steps in Method 1. For Method 2, we adopt a useful tool – Netflix Video Downloader and guide you how to get Netflix downloads for offline viewing step by step.

Whatever the case is, the lack of Netflix app for Mac means we’ll have to find a way to work around the issue. Fortunately, there is a way. We’ll share a few tips on how to watch content, but we’ll also explain how to download Netflix on Mac for offline viewing. But keep in mind that we’ll talk about a legal Netflix download. So, can you download Netflix movies on Mac via the browser-based version? Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that yet. But the Netflix app for iPhone, iPad, and Windows comes with the Download button. Let’s see how to create a cinematic experience on your Mac computer with its help. How to watch Netflix offline on Mac via Screen Mirroring. There's no option to download Netflix movies and shows on Macs, so here's a handy workaround if you want to watch things offline. So here's a handy workaround if you want to watch things. Jan 21, 2019 How To Watch Netflix Shows Offline On a Mac: Use Airplay. If you have a Mac, chances are you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod. All these devices allow you to download Netflix shows for offline consumption. With the show already downloaded on your iOS device, you can use Airplay to stream (cast) the show onto your Mac computer.

Method 1: Get Netflix Downloads within Netflix App

Method 2: Get Netflix Downloads by Netflix Video Downloader

Method 1: Get Netflix Downloads within Netflix App

Step 1 Have Netflix App Installed

Step 2 Choose Download Quality

Select the Menu icon on the left and scroll down to App Settings. From there, under the Downloads heading, click or tap Video Quality and select your preferred quality.

Netflix offers two quality choices – Standard and High. Standard takes up less space on your device and allows you to download Netflix contents more quickly. High takes up more space but allows you to view Netflix contents in higher quality.

Step 3 Select and Download Netflix Movies

Select the Menu icon on the upper left corner, click “Available for Download” and you’ll see the titles that you can view offline. Select the movie that you’d like to watch offline and then click the Download button to download the full movie.


Step 4 Find the Netflix Downloads

Once the movie is downloaded, you can find it by returning to the Menu icon on the upper left corner and select My Downloads, where you’ll find your Netflix downloads. Simply click or tap the video thumbnail to watch offline.

By Method 1, you can play the Netflix downloads for some time within your Netflix subscription. Once you discontinue the service or Netflix remove the content, you won’t be able to re-run the content.

Next we are going to show you Method 2, which can perfectly keep your Netflix downloads for offline viewing forever, as it helps you download movies from Netlix as MP4 files to your local computer.

Method 2: Get Netflix Downloads by Netflix Video Downloader

Netflix Video Downloader is a widely used tool for saving movies and TV shows from Netflix to computer, keeping audio tracks and subtitles, so that you can enjoy Netflix videos more freely. Below is a detailed guide on how to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing with Netflix Video Downloader.

How To Play Netflix Offline On Mac

How To Play Netflix Offline On Mac Free

Step 2Set Output Video Quality

Click 'Menu' on the upper right corner and choose 'Settings' in the drop-down list. You can select the output video quality as High, Middle or Low. Here you can also customize the output path.

Step 3Search Target Netflix Movies

Enter the name of your target movie or copy the link and paste it in the search box and then click the 'Search' icon, Netflix Video Downloader will list all the related movies soon.

Note: The first time you run the tool, you'll be asked to log in your Netflix account first before the downloader lists the related videos.

Step 4Download Movies from Netflix to Computer

Find the target movie and then simply click the 'Download' icon at the end of each title to start exporting it to your local computer. If the videos you are looking for includes multiple seasons, you can select the specific season as well as the exact episode for downloading.

How To Download Netflix Movies On Laptop

Step 5Find the Netflix Movies for Offline Viewing

Once all the movies you selected are downloaded to your local drive, select 'Library' Tab on the top and you'll see all the Netflix videos that have been successfully downloaded. Click the 'Folder' icon at the end of each title and you'll be directed to the output folder on your local computer right away. Now you can play any of the Netflix downloads offline.


We can download movies from Netflix for offline viewing by two ways. One way is to download them within the Netflix app, which helps keep the Netflix downloads for some time within your subscription. If you’d like to keep the downloads forever, you can the other way - turning to a useful tool - Netflix Video Downloader, which is specially designed for downloading Netflix movies as local files for offline viewing.

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How To Watch Netflix Downloads Offline On Mac

What needs to be clarified here is that the free trial version enables you to convert the first 10 minutes of each video for sample testing and you need to purchase a license to unlock the full version.It's totally free to download and test out the program. You can then decide whether you'd like to buy it or not.

Download Netflix On A Mac For Offline Viewing