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How Do I Download An Older Version Of Imovie The recommended iMovie for PC equivalent is Movavi Video Editor. Like iMovie, Movavi Video Editor is a complete solution for importing/capturing, editing and sharing videos. It includes all video editing tools for both general and advanced users. It is not possible to do this on the iOS version of iMovie, though it can be easily done on a Mac. This article will cover how to go about transferring an iOS iMovie project in full to your Mac. Naming Your Project. First things first – Launch iMovie on your iOS device and select a project. For older versions of the program, you can chain-upgrade the old projects by launching in the next compatible version sequentially to unravel iMovie 10 or export a clean up-to-the-minute version. There's another folder named iMovie Original Movies. IMovie is the native video editor from Apple for Mac devices. If you’ve ever wanted to start video editing with a simple program, this one will be a good choice. Like other Apple products, the tool works across synced Apple devices and libraries, serving as a full-fledged home movies or family videos portal.

Apple’s iMovie video editing tool stores several gigabytes of data on your Mac. If you use it a lot, it could be tens of gigabytes. And if you’ve been using it for several years, you will have accumulated lots of data in folders that iMovie 10 doesn’t use. In this article, we’ll show you how to free up space used by iMovie by deleting and moving data, and we’ll explain what is safe to delete and what you should be more cautious about.

Where are iMovie projects stored?

In iMovie 10, everything needed for every project you’re working on is stored in one file called iMovie Library. It’s in the Movies folder in your Home directory. If you right-click on that file and choose Show Package Contents, you can see what’s in it. However, you shouldn’t just start deleting files from there as it could cause problems the next time you run iMovie.

In older versions of iMovie, files were stored in different folders, depending on iMovie’s version. So, if you have a Mac on which you’ve upgraded to each new version of iMovie as it has been released, it’s likely you will still have those folders, and they will still have data in them. These include:

• iMovie Projects

• iMovie Events

• iMovie Sharing

• iMovie Project folders with a special icon

• iMovie Library

How to clear iMovie Library on your Mac

If you have upgraded to iMovie 10, you can go ahead and delete iMovie Projects and iMovie Events. If there is nothing in iMovie Sharing you need, you can delete that too.

iMovie Project folders contain clips from iMovie videos that you’ve edited in previous versions. If you don’t have copies of those, you should make a duplicate of the folder on an external drive to use the clips again in the future. You can then delete the folders.

iMovie Library is where iMovie 10 keeps clips and other data, don’t delete that.

CleanMyMac X can help identify large and old files, such as your iMovie Library, so that you can easily see what is taking up space on your Mac and decide whether to delete it. Its Space Lens feature gives a visual representation of the data stored on your disk so you can quickly see what type of files are taking up the most space on your Mac.

1. Download and install CleanMyMac X. Then launch it from your Applications folder.

2. Choose Space Lens from the sidebar and press Scan.

3. Click on folders in the middle panel or in the bubble to view their contents.

4. To delete a file or folder, check the box next to it in the central pane and choose Remove.

1. Save more space by deleting render files

Render files are the files iMovie creates when you preview or export a movie. Essentially, iMovie takes all the instructions you’ve given during the editing process and applies them to the clips on the timeline to produce the movie you want to view. You can delete these, and doing so will free up lots of space in your iMovie Library. However, if you go back to edit the movie, the render files will need to be recreated.

1. Launch iMovie and click on the iMovie menu.

2. Choose Preferences.


3. Press Delete next to Render Files.

4. Press Delete again to confirm.

You can also delete individual clips or events from within iMovie by selecting them and choosing File > Move to Trash, then emptying the trash.

2. Move your iMovie Library to an external hard drive

If you’ve removed all the clips from your iMovie Library and it’s still taking up too much space on your boot drive, the solution is to move it to an external drive. This is easier if you use a desktop Mac because you can keep the external drive permanently connected. If you use a portable Mac, you will have to remember to plug in the external drive each time you use iMovie.

Imovie Older Version For Mac Software

  • Quit iMovie.
  • Choose your external drive and connect it to your Mac. It needs to be formatted as APFS or MacOS Extended (Journaled). If it’s not, launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) and erase it, so it reformats as one of those two formats.
  • In a Finder window, click on the external drive, then go to the File menu and choose Get info.
  • Click the triangle next to Sharing & Permissions at the bottom of the window so you can see the options.
  • Make sure “Ignore ownership on this volume” is checked. If not, click the padlock, type in an administrator name and password then check the box.
  • Navigate to the Movies folder in your user Home directory.
  • Drag the file iMovie Library to the external hard drive.
  • When it has finished copying, double-click it to open it in iMovie. If you see an alert that asks you to give iMovie access to a removable volume, click OK.
  • Check all the clips that should be there are there.
  • Quit iMovie.
  • Drag the original iMovie Library from your Movies folder to the Trash.

Editing videos in iMovie takes up a great deal of space on your Mac. And everything is stored in one file, iMovie Library. So to remove clips and free up space, you should do it within iMovie. You can also use CleanMyMac X to identify and remove large and old files and spot which files are using the most space on your Mac. If you use a desktop Mac, you can move your iMovie Library to an external disk.

Want an iMovie like software to make movies in Windows PC? Download the best iMovie for Windows alternative to edit video as if on Mac. Get a free trial now. Looking for an iMovie for PC? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus – a simple and powerful iMovie alternative for Windows. Download it right from this page and you’ll have all the best features.

Imovie Older Version For Mac Os

Introducing Apple iMovie (Mac & iOS Only)

iMovie is an innovative video editing software created by Apple Inc. Together with iPhoto, GarageBand and iDVD (discontinued), iMovie is another component of Apple's iLife suite of software applications for editing videos and making movies. iMovie for iOS is also available, with which you can even edit video on Apple's iOS products like iPhone, iPad and iPod. But the PC version of iMovie is unavailable. To make movies in Windows, you have to find an iMovie for PC alternative.

Want A Video Editor Similar to iMovie but for PC?

Nowadays, Apple's Mac and Microsoft's Windows is the main operating systems for personal users. Many people use both Mac and Windows PC computers - usually Windows at office, while Mac at home. Someone may also have transferred from Mac to Windows for its more and more optimized features. If you're previously a Mac user and familiar with iMovie, now want to edit videos on your Windows PC computer, you need an iMovie for PC video editing software.

There is so-called virtualization technology that enables you to run Mac and thus iMovie on Windows. The best virtualization software is Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. But you have to pay for operating system and the software itself; it requires dual boot and runs the OS-in-OS slowly.

Why not simply get an iMovie but works in Windows? There are an array of video editing software applications for Windows PC. Like Movavi Video Editor, AVS Video Editor, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Corel VideoStudio, and so on.

Movavi Video Editor Is The Closest iMovie for PC Alternative

How Do I Download An Older Version Of Imovie

The recommended iMovie for PC equivalent is Movavi Video Editor. Like iMovie, Movavi Video Editor is a complete solution for importing/capturing, editing and sharing videos. It includes all video editing tools for both general and advanced users. Beginners will find it easy to use, while advanced users will get what they want. The key features of Movavi Video Editor include broad support for various video sources, video effects, transitions, titles, endless sharing possibilities. 7-day fully functional free trial version is available.
Download Movavi Video EditorVersion: 15.0.1File Size: 54.5 MB
Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Download An Older Version Of Imovie

The information about the software prices and registration can be found here

Imovie Older Version For Mac Free

What Movavi Video Editor Excels?

On one hand, some professional iMovie for PC alternative video editing programs has complex user interface, which makes it hard to master and use. On the other hand, some iMovie for Windows software applications only provide you with basic video editing tools. They are not the video editing software at the same level with iMovie.

Movavi Video Editor is the best iMovie for PC substitute in our opinions. It compromises simplicity and features. Regular users will easily edit video with common tools like Trim, Split, Merge, Rotate, Add Music, and so on; Professional users will control everything as they want. Movavi Video Editor lets you easily capture/digitize, create picture-in-picture movies, apply chroma-key effect, etc.

Movavi Video Editor makes it easier than ever to make stunning slideshows. Just import photos and videos, add music and stylish titles, customize transitions, and it's ready for sharing your masterpiece with the world.

Imovie older version free download for mac

Key Features of Movavi Video Editor for Windows

  • An extremely intuitive interface to organize video, edit video and share video.
  • Make your own slideshow as easy as A-B-C.
  • Improve video quality and perspective with tons of special effects like Matrix, Particles, Denoise, Brightness/Contrast, Chroma Key, Split Screen, Zoom, etc.
  • Easily add music, titles, voiceover and recordings.
  • Choose from dozens of transitions between frames.
  • Split, crop, join and rotate videos in clicks.
  • Provides Storyboard and Timeline views.
  • Add multiple video, audio and title tracks.
  • Import and export 2D and 3D video in any format: SD, HD and DVD.
  • Capture video from camera, camcorder (DV/HDV), and TV-tuner.
  • Digitize your old VHS tape.
  • Capture video with webcam and record online video.
  • Import and edit 3D videos.
  • Supports any sound card input like microphone, computer, electric guitar, and more.
  • Supports all popular video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, QuickTime, VOB, MP3, even video from DVD discs and more.
  • Save a video file in the desired formats, for your mobile device, or burn movies on a DVD.
  • Directly share video on YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

How To Download Older Version Of Imovie

Apple iMovie vs Movavi Video Editor

Below is a comparison table for Apple's iMovie and the best iMovie for PC equivalent - Movavi Video Editor.

FeaturesMovavi Video EditorApple iMovie
Supported PlatformWindows and Mac (Download for PC Now) Mac & iOS Learn More
Drag and Drop
3D Editing
Animation Tools
Audio Transitions-
Color Correction
Direct Camcorder Capture
DVD Burning
Green Screen (Chroma Key)
HD Support
Speed Change
Video Transitions
Maximum Video TracksUnlimited2
Maximum Audio TracksUnlimited6
Supported Formats
Saving PresetsQuickTime, Mobile Devices,
QuickTime, Mobile Devices
Output Video Formats3GP, 3GP2, AVI, FLV, M2TS,
MKV, MP4 with H.264 codec;
M2TS, MPEG with MPEG2 codec.
Output Audio FormatsM4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF-
Input Video Formats??AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV,
MPEG2-TS with H.264 codec;
codec; WMV with VC-1 codec.
Input Audio FormatsM4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIFM4A, MP3
Skill Level
Application Type
Price$39.95 (Buy Now)$15

Other iMovie for PC Competitors

Imovie Older Version For Mac 2020

Movavi Video Editor is only one of iMovie for Windows alternatives in the long list. Depending on what you need and the price, BlazeVideo Video Editor, AVS Video Editor, Cyberlink PowerDirector, or Corel VideoStudio may also a good choice. All can be tried for free before you make a decision to buy.