Influxdb Docker Install

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Enter the host IP and port 3000 and you are ready to start. To enter Grafana, the default user and password is 'admin', but will request you to create new password in the first login process. You just need to set InfluxDB as the default Datasource using the details we set in our Docker Compose: I recommend you to have a look to different. In this article I will guide you through a very quick and easy way, with lots of pictures, to install a InfluxDB & Grafana server and to configure the eMon Energy Monitor to upload data to this server.

Supported Versions

MyController supports InfluxDB 1.8.x or above
Influxdb docker installation

In this guide installation shown on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Linux OS
If you have different OS, refer the influxdb installation guide
Influxdb can be installed in two different ways

Install InfluxDB on the host system

Follow this guide to install InfluxDB directly on your host system

Run the following commands as a root user
Operating System: Raspbian Linux 10 (buster)

Optionally you can disable self monitoring metrics to avoid unnecessary CPU and Disk usage.

  • update the following line on /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf
  • restart the influxdb service

(Optional) Create a database for MyController usage in influxDB

If the database user has admin privilege, database will be created automatically by MyController server.

Install InfluxDB on the Docker

Most of the places docker installation of influxdb works well


In ARM v6, docker version of InfluxDB not started and no issues reported. Tested it on 1.8.4
We can directly install it on the host system by following this guide
To know your machine architecture execute uname -m on the command line


Assuming that you are running all the commands as a root user.
If you are running from non-root user, you should include sudo in the beginning of the commands.

Generate influxdb.conf

Detailed information is on InfluxDB Website

  • generate influxdb.conf

  • Optional - Steps to disable InfluxDB monitor

    • Monitor InfluxDB metrics will be enabled by default. It eats lot of disk space and CPU.
    • on the generated influxdb.conf set false to store-enabled, available under monitor


(Optional) Create a database for MyController usage in influxDB

Influxdb Docker Install Ubuntu

Influxdb Docker Install

If the database user has admin privilege, database will be created automatically by MyController server.

  • enter inside running docker container
  • execute influx command inside the influx container as follows
  • create a database by running create database mycontroller
  • show available databases by running show databases
  • type exit two time, one exits from influx client shell, second exits from the docker container

Influxdb Docker Install

To see the logs

  • Prints all available logs
  • Prints and tails the logs, to get exit do Ctrl+C

Influxdb Docker How To




Influxdb Docker Install
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