Install Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10

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K8s and docker containertechnology are very popular technologies at present. What’s more, this technology stack is not very friendly to DONet programmers of CN. To put it bluntly, 1. Many images need a ladder to access; 2. Window programmers are naturally unfamiliar with command line operations. 3. A lot of information is Linux, etc

Now let’s install and deploy together.

1、 Installation environment.

1. The essence of docker container is virtual technology. Simple understanding is VMware virtual machine. It is recommended that windows 10 or above and support virtualization technology environment. If virtualization is not turned on, enter Boise to turn it on. If virtualization is not supported, it needs to be installedDocker toolbox. My machine environment is as follows, the following installation steps: Windows 10 and enable virtualization

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Download the docker installation package

Docker-For-Windows has recently added native Kubernetes integration. To use it you need a very recent OS version (Windows 10 Pro). If you have an older version (e.g. Windows 7) or a non-Pro edition (e.g. Home) then Minikube is the only option.

After installation, it looks like this:

Install Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10

* There are pits in it. After installation, you can’t check the enable k8s option directly. Again, don’t click

Configure the image,

2、 Pull k8s image

Install Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10 64-bit

After pulling the image, perform the following operations. For details, please refer to the articles of Boyou. Open and install kubernetes based on docker for windows. Follow this step, and I won’t go into details

3、 Install kubernetes dashboard

What is docker and kubernetes

To view the current docker running status:

PS execution: kubectl get pods — namespace Kube system

4、 Turn on the agent,

Ps: kubectl proxy

Note that the browser can only be opened when the dashboard container is running normally. When there is an error, you can see the specific information of container operation. Use the following command:

kubectl describe pod kubernetes-dashboard-669f9bbd46-rhmst –namespace kube-system

Executing kubernetes- dashboard.yaml File, the image may fail to pull, resulting in the doashboard container can not run normally.

Image pull failure handling:

Install Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10 Bootable


The following kubectl commands are commonly used:

5、 Open doashbard,

Open browser:


KubernetesInstall Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10

At this time, there may be a problem, unable to log in

Install Docker And Kubernetes On Windows 10 64-bit

Get login token command:

What Is Docker And Kubernetes

Finally, I’m finished,