Install Docker Rancher

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  1. Install Docker Linux
  2. Install Rancher Docker Container
  3. Install Docker Rancher Boot

Step 2: Install Docker on the VM. In order to install the Rancher server as a Docker container, you first need to install Docker itself. There are a couple of options for installing Docker -refer to the official Docker documentation about how to install Docker on Linux, as the steps will vary based on the Linux distribution.

  • How To Manage Multi-Node Deployments with Rancher and Docker: Rancher is an open source project that provides a complete platform for operating.
  • Rancher is deployed as a set of Docker containers. Running Rancher is a simple as launching two containers. One container as the management server and another container on a node as an agent. Any modern Linux distribution that supports Docker 1.10.3. RancherOS, Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS 7 are more heavily tested.
  • The Docker install allows you to explore the Rancher server functionality, but it is intended to be used for development and testing purposes only. Our instructions for installing Rancher on Kubernetes describe how to first use K3s or RKE to create and manage a Kubernetes cluster, then install Rancher onto that cluster.
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Building, running, pushing, and pulling containers
Running your choice of Kubernetes versions
Local application development in Kubernetes

What is Rancher Desktop?

Rancher Desktop is an open-source desktop application for Mac and Windows. It provides Kubernetes and container management.You can choose the version of Kubernetes you want to run. You can build, push, pull, and run container images.The container images you build can be run by Kubernetes immediately without the need for a registry.

Why Rancher Desktop?

Kubernetes Made Simple

Getting started with Kubernetes on your desktop can be a project. Especially if you want to match the version of Kubernetes you run locally to the one you run in production. Rancher Desktop makes it as easy as setting a preference.

Built On Proven Projects

Install Docker Linux

Rancher Desktop leverages proven projects to do the dirty work. That includes containerd, k3s, kubectl, and more. These projects have demonstrated themselves as trustworthy and provide a foundation you can trust.

Coupled Container Management

Container management to build, push, and pull images and run containers. It uses the same container runtime as Kubernetes. Built images are immediately available to use in your local workloads without any pushing, pulling, or copying.

How it Works

Rancher Desktop is an electron based application that wraps other tools while itself providing the user experience to create a simple experience.On MacOS Rancher Desktop leverages a virtual machine to run containerd and Kubernetes. Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 is leveraged for Windows systems.All you need to do is download and run the application.

Get Started

1. Download Rancher Desktop


Install Rancher Docker Container

2. Run The App

Install Docker Rancher Boot

Run the app you downloaded and it will take care of the rest.