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Internet Download Manager is one of the most popular and functional managers of downloading files from the Internet. The program is needed for convenient file downloads, planning many downloads, recovering downloads after a communication break, etc. Like all other developers of programs of this kind, the developers of Internet Download Manager promise a significant increase in the speed of file downloads compared to standard browsers due to a smart system of dividing downloadable files into segments.

(Internet Download Manager), but completely free! Don't overpay and don't use cracks - download FDM, an amazingly powerful and hassle-free tool. I use it professionally in different environments to. Free Download Manager for Mac is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open. Neat Download Manager is a free Internet Download Manager for. MacOS (OS X 10.10 or higher) and Windows (Windows 7 or higher). ( just for Mac, watch Video Clip).

The program includes a lot of useful functions to manage the download of files. In addition to several features that are standard for this type of program, IDM also includes some features: support integration into all popular web browsers; Download videos from video services View the contents of the archives before they are downloaded Built-in offline browser with features to save both the entire site and certain files (such as all images); Link support through different types of proxies Powerful built-in planner scans downloadable files with third-party antivirus and so on.

Payment is a significant disadvantage of this pumping manager because almost all other programs with such functionality are distributed absolutely free of charge. However, it is recommended to download Internet Download Manager, as it is a really high-quality product.

C is the best. — Majid Pooreftekhari. FDM is like a full version of IDM (Internet Download Manager), but completely free! Don't overpay and don't use cracks - download FDM, an amazingly powerful and hassle-free tool. I use it professionally in different environments to ensure that large downloads are fast and resumeable. Download Manager For Mac. It might be the browser or your operating system network policies that may restrict the internet speed during file downloads. Also Read, Internet Download Manager software can utilize your full broadband internet speed to download a file from internet faster without any damage to the file.

Internet Download Manager: Highlights

The software product has several features that allow you to perform excellent functions as a manager, facilitating the download of different sizes and types of files. In the main features of the application, it is worth paying attention to the comprehensive verification of downloaded files, the ability to restore interrupted downloads, etc.

The Internet Download Manager is able to interact with almost all the most famous browsers and easily intercepts downloads without waiting for the user’s command. The software has the ability to speed up downloads through the use of special technology. Among the most commonly used features of the application are:

  • Downloading speed
  • The ability to preview files
  • The ability to make a selective load
  • have the ability to interact with the maximum number of browsers.

Internet Download Manager: Features

The Internet Manager’s software product has features that characterize its core capabilities. The manager has the ability to integrate with browsers without installing additional plugins. It also has the ability to track the clipboard. Before you start downloading information, the user can view and determine that the folder of the site is not of interest to him. In this case, traffic can be limited manually when the user chooses the mode he needs.

Several files are downloaded at the same time, and their number is regulated. At the user’s discretion, they can be distributed immediately to separate folders, depending on the categories that have been identified. You can set a limit on the use of a channel for a specific task. When the task is completed, the application can disable the PC while breaking the Internet connection.

The Internet Download Manager software product is released in two editions, each with a functionality that allows you to record a portable version that doesn’t require installation.

Internet Download Manager 6.35: What’s New?

  • Added proxy recognition in browsers and their automatic use in The Internet Download Manager if you can’t download directly. This works with all the VPN extensions in Firefox and with some Google Chrome extensions.
  • Added the option to install an arbitrary “User-Agent” header for manually added downloads.
  • Improved video recognition in web players.
  • Errors have been fixed.

Download Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Latest Version-

IDM 6.27 Build 2 Registered (32bit + 64bit Patch) [] – This file is password protected and the password is You can extract this file using WinRAR download free and support: WinRAR (

If you don’t want to use the patch version. You can purchase the product and get discounts on Internet Download Manager here.

For MAC users, you can download here.

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Internet Download Manager is a popular video downloader tool. However, Internet Download Manager for Mac is not available. So if you are using a Mac, you need to look for an altneriave to Internet Download Manager to download videos on Mac. Below we help you to pick up the best IDM for Mac alternative to download videos on Mac with ease.

Internet Download Manager Mac Os X 10.7

The Best Alternative for Internet Download Manager on Mac (macOS Mojave)

iTube HD Video Downloader is the best Internet Download Manager for Mac alternative available on the web, with a very friendly and intuitive interface, fast downloading speed, and a lot of cool features.

iTube HD Video Downloader - IDM for Mac Alternative

  • Allow you to download videos from YouTube, VEVO, Metacafe and 10,000+ websites.
  • It is really fast (30X), and support 4K UHD videos, full HD videos download.
  • This alternative to Internet Download Manager for Mac is also a video converter and organizer.
  • It allows multiple videos download, playback modes, resume playback, task scheduling, and more.
  • You can preset to iPhone, Android, Game console, web and many other formats.
  • Instantly transfer videos to your Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

How to Download Videos on Mac (macOS High Sierra, Sierra Included)

Step 1. Download IDM for Mac Alternative,

First, download the program on your Mac. And drag the program file to the 'Applications' folder to install the program on your Mac. This program will launch automatically when the installation completed.

Step 2. Download Online Videos on Mac

With this program, you will get three different ways to download your favorite YouTube videos. After you get your videos played on your Mac by Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can start to download as following guides:

1) On the video window, you will get a 'Download' button. You can just click it to download video.

Copy the video URL and you can click the Paste URL button on the main interface of the program to download video.

Internet Download Manager Mac Os

You can drag the URL icon of the video to the iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac operation interface to download video.

Tips: This program provides function of one click to download multiple videos in a YouTube channel, user page, playlist and category. When you open YouTube channel or playlist, you will see a 'Download' button with 'Playlist' option. Just click it and you will get a window for you to choose the videos you want. Select videos you like and click 'Download' to start downloading multiple videos.

Step 3 Convert the Downloaded Videos.

To access the downloaded videos, you can hit the 'Downloaded' tab in the 'Download' menu. And you can add the video to the 'Convert' menu by clicking the 'Add to Convert List' icon.

To convert video, you only need to open the 'Convert' menu and click the 'Convert' button next to the target video clip and then choose a format you prefer from the pop-up window. The program also provides you with multiple presets for mobile devices, which enables you to watch the videos anywhere and anytime you like.

Why You Should Look for an Internet Download Manager for Mac Alternative?

Internet Downloader Manager is a good tool. However, sometimes this app could not be enough for your needs, or it may not be compatible with your computer. Let's see what issues Internet Download Manager presents:

  • The tool is compatible with any Windows operating system, but if you use a Mac, you will need another program.
  • It offers a fast downloading speed, but not the fastest available on the web.
  • For some users, all the scheduling and organizing features could be too complicated, or sometimes annoying.
  • The interface is not intuitive, and users could get lost during the setup.
  • Users need to technical knowledge to access the advanced features.

Internet Download Manager For Mac Os X 10.7.5

7 Common Issues When Using Internet Download Manager

1. IDM connecting to the Internet but the download isn't starting. Sometimes it even shows errors like 'Permission denied' or 'cannot download this file'. This happens when IDM is set to use proxy or socks that do not work anymore.

Solution: Click on 'options' and navigate to 'Proxy/Socks'. Disable or simply uncheck the options on Use proxy or use Socks.

2. Showing the error message 'Cannot transfer download in IDM' when you click on start download. This error occurs when the IDM and the browser are explicitly set to work under different privileges.

Solution: This problem can be caused by myriad of reasons. The best way to handle it is to reinstall the entire program. It will be fixed.

3. Download progress stuck at some point, especially 99%. The two main causes of this error is when you use older version of IDM or a cracked version of it.

Solution: This problem has been fixed in newer versions and thus upgrading to a current version is the ultimate solution.

4. Having a very slow download speed. There are many factors that determine how fast your download speed will be. These include the type of the server, time of the day when the download is being performed or even your ISP. However, if there is no problem with the source of the file and the ISP, then possible solutions could still be available.

Solution: Ensure that speed limit isn't set by checking on 'download' the navigating to 'speed limiter'. Other solutions could be downloading from mirror sites or closing other simultaneous downloads.

5. Browser integration fails. IDM is able to grab downloads in a browser if their marriage was successful. That's how it operates. However, if it wasn't set in the first place, then downloads will not be through the IDM.

Solution: IDM is typically an add-on in the browser. If the integration was successful but downloads are not through the IDM, then open add-ons from the browser and 'enable' IDM from there.

Internet Download Manager Mac Os

Internet Download Manager Mac Os X

6. Download resume failing even when the download resume capability for that file is 'yes'. This problem is caused by conflict arising between other programs and the file parts which have been written on the disk. Such programs would be antivirus programs or even firewalls.

Internet Download Manager Mac Os X

Solution: Try disabling the antivirus or the firewall and see if resuming the download actually works. If it works, then install alternative programs which do not conflict real-time downloads.

Internet download manager for mac os x

7. IDM downloading html files instead of rar and zip files or even other fairly large files. This occurs especially when downloading from file sharing sites like rapidshare. This is because IDM is not well configured with those sites.

Solution: Try looking those files from other servers like mirrors. Also try upgrading your IDM and see if it solves the problem.

T-mobile Internet Manager Download Mac Os X

If you have ever used the Internet download manager for, then you know how fast a download can be. However, it is important to know the reasons behind the most common issues so that dealing with them becomes an easy task.