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Conclusion: The Best Torrent Client for You. Finding the best free torrent client isn’t easy to do when there are so many options. We’ve gathered what we feel are the top clients for the widest number of users. From Linux to macOS and Windows, these torrent clients should cover all the bases when it comes to finding an option that works for. Torrents are an easy way to manage downloads.All you need is the best Mac torrenting program and an active Internet connection. Torrent files are nothing but files, just like games, programs, music, etc. PopcornTime is the Netflix of torrent lovers and the best among movie torrent search engines. This is not a torrent website, but an application available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This allows you to search and watch movies directly from torrents. This is like streaming the movie from the torrents, which also gets downloaded to your. Best Mac apps: the best macOS apps for your Apple computer. Here you can download via torrent programs for macOS. A huge selection of useful programs for Mac torrents. Best torrent downloader for Mac: Top 10 solutions of 2021. If you are looking for a free Mac torrent downloader you'll need to perform some quality research to find the best one that handles torrent files well and offers customization options.

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  2. Best Mac Torrenting Client 2021

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Best Torrent Sites 2019


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Hey Fellas, Today we are back with Working Torrent sites and i am sharing Some Best Torrent Sites 2019 to explore the world and to get your desired file at any cost. As you all knows that torrents are the Old yet reliable way to share a large amount of data over the internet & it is possible to download any files like Movies, Games, Software’s etc no matter whether it is banned or pirated. You will get it in the torrent for free of cost and it is the beauty of the torrent. Torrent is the best place to find and download large file. As you all know that now a day Bit Torrent is one of the most used P2P (Peer 2 Peer) Network and millions of the file will be shared in this network on daily basis Most of the torrent users rarely can change their habits of downloading big files from Torrent. Previously we were shared Best Mac Address Changer App.

During past year uses of torrent is dramatically increased by a very Large number and also numbers of best torrent sites are down due to a Piracy, But due to large amount of torrent sites available on the Internet it is hard to find best torrent sites. How torrent works? It works on the Peer to Peer file Sharing P2P method, Which is connected with over 200 Million WorldWide Users. It made the data sharing easy but quite slower using this protocol. So you Need to know the top torrent sites to download any torrent file without any hassle. So here are the Top Most Popular Torrent Sites as derived from our AllTricksZone.CoM Rank which is a continually updated average of each website’s Alexa Global Traffic and U.S Traffic Rank from Alexa. So if you have a best torrent search engine then you must have a Torrent Search Engine List for best torrenting sites 2019.

So, Here we have some of the Best Torrent sites that have been performing well in the torrent industry since long and also it is hard to get good torrent files as many torrent sites are serving a fake and malicious torrent file which may also harm your PC Some peoples are Create a Fake PC Virus for make fun with you, To get rid of this problem we have done a research for best torrent download sites and got some TOP and Best torrent sites of 2019 list and here we are going to share those Top torrent sites list.

So, guys from this sites you can download any think that you want from torrent like Software, Latest Movie, Hd Songs, Games etc and those sites are trusted torrent sites and provide a good quality as well peer seed speed for a torrent files to download. So no need to worry about few torrent files. Because this Top List of Torrent Sites is based on a Traffic rank, Quality, Popularity of torrent files and our experience with those torrent sites. And You can also Increase Torrent Download Speed with IDM Optimizer.

Top Best Torrent Sites

What is Torrent Are:-

Best Torrent Download Sites

Before Going to Best Torrent Sites list of 2019. Let me Explain you What is Actually Torrents are and some terms which is related to torrent such as Seeders, Leeches and Peers. Torrents are nothing but files with .torrent extension. which contain all the information regarding torrent tracker and other related details. This Best file is used either with Torrent Clients or other torrent download options like Zbigz, As you all know Speed of the torrents depends on the Leechers, Seeders and its peers of the Selected torrent files. If you download the torrent file via Zbigz or others the speed will be Maximum and doesn’t depend on these factors to download the require torrent, you need to know the best torrenting sites. EZtv utorrent movies download sites.

  • Torrent: As i already said that torrent file is nothing but a small file associated with specific content related to downloading file. But the downloading speed of the torrent totally depend on seed, leech, peer.
  • Peers: Downloading the torrent file and sharing are knows as a Peers
  • Leechers: Leechers are those who download the file of torrent.

Top 27 Best Torrent Sites of 2019 – Most Popular Torrent Download Sites

Top Best Torrenting Sites 2019

As you all know that Torrent Websites that used to get your desired torrent file. There are so many Top torrent sites are available on the internet but here we have hand picked the best torrent download sites according to their popularity and number of the torrents. You just a need to have a look on Latest List of Torrent Sites.

The pirate Bay is top running among these best torrent sites 2019 Pirate Bay is started in mid Sep 2003 for sharing a files among co-workers. And Pirate is the Largest directory for Computer Softwares, Games Musics Movies, Tv Shows and other cool stuffs. And Even it is known as Piracy King. Its SSL encrypted to stop spam attacks using this sites you can download mac software and others stuffs. So with the help of Piratebay you can get Best torrent sites for mac software.

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Link Update: Kickass Torrent Mirror Link :

Update:Kickass Torrent New Address –

Kickass is a another old yet one among these best torrent site to download movies, And KickAss is started in late 2008 but it gained its pace within few period of its launch. Kickass is the new name but the initial is And one more thing KickAss is a Very Good torrent sites with a lot of recognition and its reputation in Piracy World. I will recommend you this fastest Torrent site for my readers. KickAss torrent is blocked in most of the countries, So you can Use any Proxy Server, VPN which is stand for Virtual Private Network to Bypass the restriction to Unlock Blocked Torrent Site. I generally download the games via Kickass torrent from the top torrent sites for games.

Best Torrent Download Sites For Mac

Extra Torrent is another Top Torrent website 2019. with tons of torrent file in their directory. So without hasitation you will get any kind of file like Musics, Movies, Software, Games as well Smartphone Apps apk for various platforms are available in Extra Torrent. And you will also get a all pirated softwares, games, smartphones apps. This is the only reason that Extra Torrent is banned in some of the Countries. Still you can access Extra torrent by hiding your Identity. Concludes This is one of the Best Torrent Sites to download torrent files. Also try – Couldn’t Save Screenshot Storage may be in Use SOLVED.

This Torrentz is another Great Best Torrent Search Engine which performs same as that of the Google.! Torrent helps you to grab you desires file of torrent without searching for them manually in Top torrent sites. With the help of this Torrent Search Engine you will get some files in torrentz which is related files with its size, Uploaded date, How many downloads, number of peers and leechers details. I love to download Hindi Movies using this Torrent site along with Hollywood movie in Hindi Dubbed with this torrent sites. I’m sure that you laugh on me When i found this torrent i lost myself in the torrent World. I say it rank Torrentz in #4 in this Top Torrent Sites 2019.

Eztv is the best torrenting site that specialized to download TV Shows for free of cost. One of most hot favorite features which is i like that it impressed me towards the EZTV is even without registering you can download torrents files finally. So this is the Top torrenting sites 2019 list.

YIFY is one of the best torrent file downloading site. with its huge database of torrents. It launched three year back, then of sudden i have noticed that Yify torrent site started going viral among the torrent freaks. it is damn near impossible to get tons of exposure and audience withing the short duration. but the Yify torrent site made it possible. I am also using this site since past 8+ months i will say this is the safe torrent sites to download your torrent files. Previously we were shared How to Stop Running Background App in Android to Save Battery.

ISOHunt was one of the top and best torrent sites but it was shut down by MPAA on 2013 and it was down but after shutdown of, was launched on 2013 and it started to gain traffic. though this isohunt site in not affiliated by old isohunt but we hope it will alive for long time. Because this getting millions of hit per day and has huge list and categories of torrent. This is a another Best Torrenting Site to download your desire torrent files without hassle.

BitSboop also remembered in this list with its millions of torrent files its directory, Best part this site had a team which removes the Trojans and virus rich torrent files. Also ban the spam users who upload the trojans and virus in the forms of torrent files. this is Safe torrent download site for my regular Visitors so this is on ranked #8 in this Top List torrent websites 2019

First we will tell you that 1337X is the community which later turned in to one of the Best torrent sites. So, here in the community users upload the torrent files this site is most popular and well knows in the UK (United Kingdom) you will notice that most of this sites users are from the UK. I love to download movies using this torrent sites. I will say it is the best Easy Torrent sites for movies. So at level of concludes it has all the requirement to rank in this Top torrent sites 2019 List.

Lime is also a torrent site which is made by old member of the Best Torrent Sites, it captured its popularity in the recent times. it has the huge database which contains your desired torrent files with the help of Lime Torrent you can download any torrent file either with Magnetic URL or using the torrent client files. you can also have a option to download books using this torrent sites, I will call this as Top torrent sited for books. So, i will rank it in Best Torrent sites 2019 List

MiniNova is come under the Top 11 Torrent site which you can check at once. This site is best torrenting site as above but, if you’re looking to download latest hollywood movies for free. Else you need to use this torrent site for android mobile download as well like android Games, apps, Apk etc. You can also contribute to this torrent site by sharing torrent files there to help them in increasing their database. So, don’t forget to visit this torrent site at once if you are not satisfied with other sites which are listed in top torrent sites list.

Summo Torrent is basically a torrent search engine site from which you can fine your favourite torrent from a list of best torrent sites which is sorted on basis of your keyword. So, if you are not getting success in finding the file of which you are looking for them simply enter its name int he search box and according to them it is safe way to download torrent files too.

Tor Lock is one of the Best Torrent site if you want to get a rid from fake torrents as many sites publish fake torrents which harms our PC and sometimes install a spyware or trojans in our Laptop PC. So if you’re looking for a torrent site from which you can download safe torrent files then you must give a try to Tor Lock torrent. You may also like How to Send Fake Location On WhatsApp Without Root.

Rarbg is undoubtedly one of the Best Torrenting site by which you can download torrents for free. Rarbg provides torrent files of Movies, Software, Games Videos, Trailers Etc. The thing which i Don’t like about this torrent site is that this site uses Pop up ads which is very annoying me. So, I suggest you to install ad blocker plugin before browsing this torrent site to prevent high bandwidth usage without facing any problem. You may also read How to Download Photo & Videos From Instagram.

Torrent Hound is Best torrent site for safe Torrents, which you must try for torrenting at once. Torrent Hound is one of safest torrent site which I personally believe on my Life experience. So, if you’re looking doe safest torrent sites from a long times, Then you must try out Torrent Hound once & it is one of the best torrent site for latest Bollywood movie downloads because this site uploads latest Bollywood movies almost on the same day of release torrent.

Also Try How to Install Dolby Atmos for boost Sound Quality. Torrent Box is one of the Best torrent site which you must try out. I had updated this article of top sites to add this site into torrent site list especially. And one amazing this User Interface of this torrent site is modern and well polished :p . you can search for your Favorite files from Search Box. to be rank this is my favorite torrent site.

SeedPeer Torrent Site; is one of best torrenting site to download verified torrent. SeedPeer Provides Torrent search browse categories, verified torrents as well statistics. So, You can upload torrent as well SeedPeer is available in many Language like Hindi, English, Chinese, Russian etc.

Torrent Funk is also a one of the Best Torrent Site List. Torrent funk provides verified torrent and that is the reason that I have listed it in List of best torrent sites. Alexa rank of the Torrent Funk is 3896 (Which is super awesome) i;m sure that you will love this torrent site after trying it once. And the only thing which we don’t likes of this site is that this site has cutter of ads which is a bit disappointing other than this problem it is one of the very best torrent site ever it launched.

As above Torrent reactor is also a best torrent site if you are looking for a site with cool interface which has a huge database of files with less number of ads so you can find most active torrents over web on this site. You can also check a health of any torrent from health meter which can give rough idea of any torrent files. Also Try how to Unblock Blocked PayTm Account.

Update – New Address –

Demonoid is one of the best torrent forum site. Basically. This is the best torrent site for you if you if you likes to interact with people who are having similar interests to you. You can discuss with other people before downloading any torrent files file if it is virus free. Using Demonoid is a bit time consuming task but its best torrent site from where you can get high quality torrents so this was the best Torrent Site ever.

Some Best Torrent Websites worth to trying




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Final Worlds

So guys this is best Torrent websites help you to find your desired files, So we have listed this Top Best Torrent Sites 2019 list. Knowing the best torrenting sites it will help you for great extent when your internet bandwidth and speed is high. These torrent downloading sites are personally tested and reviewed by our team, So don’t worry about virus or spam sites. We don’t review or list without any prior knowledge or background about it. Hope you all enjoy this best List of torrent site for free. so bookmark this article for get every-time when you want. so these was my Best torrent sites 2019. If you know any Best torrent sites other than mentioned above then comment in below section.

Finding a site for torrenting can be very tricky.

First, the cat-and-mouse game between political authorities and some of the popular torrent sites often results in torrent sites shutting down really quickly.

Second, there are a lot of torrent sites riddled with ads and malware that provide low-quality torrent files or even fake torrents all together. To address this, we decided to compile a list of the best torrent sites for 2020 while providing the following information to give you a true assessment of the state of a torrent site:

  • Year established: This is a sort of “reliability gauge.” The older a site the more reliable it is. A popular torrent site that’s been able to survive five, 10, or more years without being shut down must be very reliable.
  • Popular content formats: We include some of the popular content formats available on the torrent sites we feature.
  • Banned in the following countries: If we have information that a torrent site has been banned in a particular country, we include this information.
  • Supports instant downloads: We indicate whether a torrent site supports instant download or not.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: We include mirror sites and/or IP addresses to allow you other means of accessing a torrent site in case it has been blocked by your ISP.
  • Number of torrents: We include the total number of torrents available on a site at the time of compiling this list.
  • Speed test: We downloaded the same file from all of these websites using NordVPN and listed the results under each torrenting website (100MB/s connection out of Estonia).

Many torrent sites may beblocked in your region, so to restore access you’ll need to use a VPN. Our top choice for torrenting (based on both speed and privacy) is NordVPN – check out our list of best VPNs for Torrenting. Not only can you access blocked torrent sites, but you can rest assured that your torrent activity won’t be traced back to you in the form of a nasty letter from your ISP. We recommend you using NordVPN while doing all your online activities.

If you don’t want to use a VPN, you can follow this guide on how to unblock websites.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We do not encourage illegal activity. Downloading copyrighted material is often times illegal, even in the countries which allow torrenting.

1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that sprang up in 2016 when Torrentz shut down. Torrentz2 combines results from other search engines to provide one of the biggest databases of torrents. The torrent search engine boasts of having over 61 million torrents and our research shows that it has more movie torrents than other types of torrents.

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Applications, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,, Torrentzwealmisr.onion
  • Number of torrents: 61 million+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 1.9MB/s

2. iDope

iDope is a torrent search engine that provides direct magnet links to torrents. Besides having a massive database of over 18 million torrents, it features a clean UI and has a mobile version that makes torrenting on smartphones easy.

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 18,450,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s

3. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Sites For Software Download

Torrent Downloads is a torrent index with one of the biggest databases out there. At the time of compiling this list, it features over 16 million torrents.

  • Year established: 2007
  • Popular content formats: TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books, Games, Software.
  • Banned in the following countries: United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,
  • Number of torrents: 16,121,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 1.8MB/s

4. LimeTorrents

With over 9.8 million torrents, LimeTorrents is one of the torrent sites with the biggest databases out there. It offers torrents for several content types such as movies, TV shows, games, and applications. It is currently banned in Australia and France.

  • Year established: 2009
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Games, Applications, Anime.
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, France, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,
  • Number of torrents: 9,833,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 2.8MB/s

5. Bit Torrent Scene

Bit Torrent Scene is one of the leading sources of torrents online. It allows users to torrent movies, TV series, music, games, software and ebooks.

  • Year established: 2017
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV series, Music, Games, Software, Ebooks.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,
  • Number of torrents: 5,118,000+

Download Speed

The Pirate Bay

The average DL speed was 3.6MB/s

6. Torlock

Torlock is a torrent index and search engine mainly focused on TV series and movies. Torlock is particular about ensuring that users have access to only genuine torrents, and it takes this so seriously that it once introduced a program that pays users $1 for every fake torrent they are able to find on its site.

  • Year established: 2010
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Games, Music, Applications, eBook, Anime.
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, India, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 4,440,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 3.1MB/s

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is certainly the biggest torrent site in the world and one of the most controversial to ever exist. It has been blocked in at least 28 countries and has survived battles with some of the world’s most powerful governments. This site is over 15 years old, however, and as a result ranks high in terms of reliability. It allows users to torrent movies, TV series, books, applications, games and music. Our research shows that the majority of torrents on TPB are movies and TV shows.

Download Torrents Fast And Free

  • Year established: 2003
  • Popular content formats: TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, and Applications.
  • Banned in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,
  • Number of torrents: 3,286,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 3.1MB/s

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is relatively younger compared to most of the other torrent sites featured on this list. It’s a torrent index specializing in verified torrents, and with a database of over 3 million torrents it certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted. While it features content in a variety of categories, movies and TV series are especially popular on the site.

  • Year established: 2013
  • Popular content formats: TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Books.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,
  • Number of torrents: 3,200,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 3.5MB/s

9. 1337x

At the time of compiling this list, 1337x has been online for 11 years. That ranks it high in terms of reliability. It provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links, and is often touted as the best alternative to The Pirate Bay. Our analysis shows that over 90 percent of the top 100 torrents on 1337x are movies.

  • Year established: 2007
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Games, Music, and Applications.
  • Banned in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,
  • Number of torrents: 2,375,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 686.3KB/s

10. YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent has a somewhat controversial history. While founded in 2009, it really began operation in its original form in 2003 as a collaboration between two partners — the product of which was myBittorrent; one of the partners wanted the website eventually shut down while the other partner wanted it to become bigger. This led to a split, the product of which is YourBittorrent.

  • Year established: 2009
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Software, Games, Music, Anime, Ebooks.
  • Banned in the following countries: Portugal, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 1,190,000+

Free Movies Torrents Downloading Sites

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 1MB/s

11. Demonoid

When it comes to reliability, you can count on Demonoid. The popular BitTorrent tracker was launched in 2003, the same year as The Pirate Bay, and it’s had its own fair share of downtime due to political pressure. The site with over 10 million users has over 800,000 torrent files and provides torrents for movies, TV series, music, books, applications, and games. Our research shows that Demonoid has more movies and TV series than other files, followed by music.

  • Year established: 2003
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV series, Music, Books, Applications, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: Ukraine, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,
  • Number of torrents: 893,000+

Download Speed

The average download speed was 1.8MB/s


RARBG is a popular torrent site that was established in 2008. Our research shows that the popular torrent site that provides torrent files and magnet links has more movies than other types of files.

  • Year established: 2008
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software.
  • Banned in the following countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 811,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 1.3MB/s

13. TorrentsGroup

This torrent site was established in 2016 and has since grown to host over 225,000 torrents. It allows users to torrent movies, TV series, apps, and documentaries amongst other types of files.

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Anime, Apps, Documentaries, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:
  • Number of torrents: 225,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 5.5MB/s

14. EZTV

Many avid torrenters will know EZTV, a popular TV torrent distribution site that was founded in 2005. After experiencing a hostile takeover, EZTV was claimed by a new group operating at EZTV.AG. While many popular torrent sites ban releases from EZTV due to its history, many have found its torrents to be of great quality.

  • Year established: 2015
  • Popular content formats: TV Series/Movies.
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,
  • Number of torrents: 153,000+

Download Speed

The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s

15. YTS.AM

YIFY movies are known to have excellent video quality at the smallest file sizes. YTS.AM is the leading source of YIFY torrents online.

  • Year established: 2011
  • Popular content formats: Movies.
  • Banned in the following countries: Ireland.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,
  • Number of torrents: 7,200+

Best Torrent Download Sites 2018

Download Speed

The average download was 1.8MB/s

What torrent sites you have you used or use? Leave a comment below :).

The world might be gravitating to online streaming, but peer-to-peer file sharing through torrents remains ever-popular. It's important to stay safe while torrenting by using a virtual private network (VPN), even when sharing something entirely legal, but which clients are the best for the job?

ProPrivacy has compared several BitTorrent clients out there to find the cream of the crop, so you don't have to! Keep reading to discover which one is best for you.

What are the best BitTorrent clients?

There are many BitTorrent clients out there to choose from and not all of them were built equal. Take a look at what ProPrivacy considers the best of the best to torrent with:


qBitTorrent is the best torrenting client out there, being both open source and full of features



  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Can bind to VPN
  • Fully featured


  • Can't think of any

As a long-term Vuze fan, it took quite something for this lightweight open source BitTorrent client to replace Vuze on my desktop. One reason I stuck with Vuze for so long is the ability to bind the torrent client to my VPN interface.

Although not strictly necessary if your VPN software features a kill switch, I have always appreciated this extra layer of security. It prevents the client downloading torrents when the VPN is not active.

qBitTorrent not only supports this feature, it makes it much easier to implement. This was a big factor in me making the change, as was qBitTorrent’s lean-and-mean 100 MB or less install size (exact size depending on platform). There is no bloat with qBitTorrent!

Despite this, qBitTorrent features just about everything most torrenters will need. This includes BitTorrent protocol encryption, torrent prioritization, torrent querying, selective content download, torrent creation, remote access, and RSS subscription. You can search for torrents from within the client, and the built-in media player is handy.

qBitTorrent is 100% free and ad-free. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. For a more detailed look at this excellent software, including instructions on how to bind qBittorrent to your VPN interface, please check out 5 Best VPNs for qBittorrent.


Transmission has overcome older problems to build a reputation for itself as a great torrent client


  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Tons of features
  • Pretty
  • Available natively on many obscure OSs


  • Not much (vulnerability should be fixed by the time most of you read this)

Transmission started life as a Mac and Linux-only BitTorrent client, where it built up a formidable reputation. Windows users can now also get in on the act. Although a very capable BitTorrent client, the main draw of Transmission is its beautiful user interface, complete with Growl notifications for Mac users.

But it’s not all about looking pretty. Transmission features webseed support, BitTorrent protocol encryption, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more. It also supports optional add-ons that can expand its feature-set. These include RSS subscription tools and a Kodi plugin.

Transmission has recently hit the headlines thanks to a vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers. I discuss this a little later in the article, but a patch is available, and the issue is very easy to fix yourself, anyway. I have therefore decided to not let this problem affect Transmission’s ranking in this 5 Best guide.

Transmission is 100% free and open source. It is available for Windows, Mac OSX/macOS, Linux (many distros), FreeBSD, Gentoo, and more.

The Transmission Vulnerability

A security researcher discovered a flaw in Transmission that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on targets’ computers. In theory, this could allow them to completely take over the infected system.

The flaw took advantage of lax security in Transmission’s remote web access feature. Note that this is a proof of concept attack, and there has been no evidence of it being exploited in the wild. The current version of Transmission has already implemented a fix.

Alternatively, if you wanted to be sure, the flaw is easy enough to fix for yourself. If you don’t use the remote web access feature, simply turn it off! Go to Preferences -> Remote and uncheck 'Enable remote access.” If you do use the remote web access feature, then change the default password to something secure. Easy!

Note that the security researcher who discovered the flaw has hinted that other BitTorrents clients may also be vulnerable. It is probably a good idea to check similar settings in whatever client you are using.


Vuze might not be as lightweight as others in this list, but its feature-packed approach will appeal to some


  • Ridiculously fully featured
  • Can bind downloads to VPN
  • Lots of plugins available to increase functionality
  • Built-in video player
  • Great Android apps


  • Somewhat bulky and resource-heavy
  • Ads
  • Tries to install crapware
  • Only partially open source
  • Interface could be prettier and more intuitive

Vuze is a granddaddy of BitTorrent clients. It is no longer open source, and it creaks somewhat under the weight of its myriad features. It is, in other words, the polar opposite of lightweight clients such as qBitTorrent.

But who said a shed load of features is necessarily a bad thing? Most torrenters will never use all the tools available, but there is really almost nothing Torrent-related that Vuze can’t do. This includes being able to bind Vuze to your VPN adapter, but also loads more funky stuff such as content discovery through automated subscriptions, having an integrated media player, remote management, and much more.

You can convert files to multiple formats using Vuze’s drag-and-drop interface and analyse your downloads using a wealth of statistics and visualizations. Vuze is a power user’s dream.

On the downside, Vuze is resource-heavy and rather ugly (especially when compared to Transmission!) Its clunky interface is also showing its age. This situation is not helped by the inclusion of ads in the free version, or by the fact that you need to be careful during installation if you do not want to also install a load of crapware.

Although Vuze is primarily free, a premium version is also available for $29.90 USD per year. A Vuze Plus subscription removes the ads and provides built-in anti-virus scanning, a DVD burner, and 'play now' support. It is, admittedly, pretty funky!

This also brings me to the point that, despite its open source roots, Vuze is now closed source proprietary software. It is worth noting that reports of Vuze’s demise appear to be very premature. Vuze was released in October 2017 and is fully functional.

Unlike the desktop client, the excellent Android app is lightweight and ad-free. A pro version is now available via in-app purchase (about $4), but I have been unable to determine what features this adds (and am too skinflint to shell out the money necessary to find out!).

Vuze Remote is a handy app for Android that allows you remote control your desktop torrent downloads.

Vuze is available for Windows, Mac OSX/macOS, Linux, and Android.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has taken a leaf from Netflix's streaming book to present a video-only torrenting service


  • Instant streaming of high quality BitTorrent content!
  • Open source
  • Very smart interface
  • Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA support
  • Available on just about every platform


  • Only for video content

All the other programs on this list are BitTorrent clients. You download a .torrent file or click on a magnet link, and the content downloads to your computer where it is stored locally.

Popcorn Time is different; It is an open source app that uses BitTorrent technology to stream high quality video content to all major platforms. This means that unlike with traditional BitTorrent clients, you can watch a film or show without waiting for the download to complete. You might be thinking 'is Popcorn time safe?' While it can be dangerous for your computer, using a VPN can keep your machine secure.

It is notable for having a very slick and intuitive interface, and for providing access to a huge library of up-to-date content.

Although primarily a streaming platform, content can also be downloaded locally (and some content is always cached). Various versions (forks) of Popcorn Time are available, but I strongly advise only using one of the forks recommended in Best VPN for Popcorn Time guide.

Specific features vary a little depending on which fork you use, but steaming to your big-screen TV via Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA is pretty standard.

Popcorn Time is free, and respectable versions are free from ads and other crapware. It available for Windows, Mac OSX/macOS, Linux, and Android. even has an iOS VPN App that can be installed without jailbreaking your device.


Deluge has no ads, compared to some of the more popular torrent clients out there


  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of features
  • Expandable via plugins (incl. RSS)


  • Less fully featured than some other clients

Like qBitTorrent, Deluge is a fairly conventional but lightweight and open source BitTorrent client. Its feature list is not huge, but should be more than enough to satisfy most users. Features include remote web management and support for magnet links.

Functionality can be further extended with a range of both in-house and third-party plugins. Highlights include plugins for RSS support, Growl notifications, streaming while downloading, and more.

Deluge is completely FOSS, with no ads or crapware. It is available for Windows, OSX, Linux (various distros), and FreeBSD.

Check out our 5 best Deluge VPNs page for a list of the best services to use with this BitTorrent client.

Why not uTorrent or BitTorrent?

uTorrent and its almost-identical sibling, the official BitTorrent client, remain the most popular BitTorrent clients in the world. It is, therefore, reasonable to ask why I have not included it in this best 5 BitTorrent list. Please note the different between BitTorrent as a protocol and the BitTorrent client to avoid confusion.

Both uTorrent and BitTorrent are closed source and supported by ads. These ads can be turned off if you delve deep enough into the software’s settings, but this is still very irritating. It is my personal view that this means uTorrent has all the disadvantages of Vuze, but not as many useful features.

So if you want a slightly clunky closed-source ad-supported BitTorrent client, but one that compensates for this by offering a wealth of features, then use Vuze. Other opinions are available.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol. Instead of being stored on a centralized server from which you download, torrented files are shared among many other BitTorrent users. Popular files can easily be shared among hundreds of users in this way.

When you 'download” (which is something of a misnomer when it comes to torrenting) a file using the BitTorrent protocol, what you are actually doing is sharing small pieces of it with everyone else who is downloading that same file.

A file is 'downloaded” once you have all the pieces needed to reassemble that file. It is considered good form to 'seed” (continue sharing) the file for a while after it has been downloaded, in order to help others reach 100% completion.

Why use a Client?

Although still very popular, BitTorrent use has declined somewhat in recent years. This is in part thanks to the wealth of legal streaming options available from providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, hulu, and many more. The popularity of illegal options, such as Kodi and streaming websites, is also a factor. For top tips and the best VPN for Streaming, take a look at the guides below:

The more traditional method of downloading using a BitTorrent client, however, continues to offer some major advantages:

  • BitTorrent content is downloaded locally, so it is available forever and can be easily physically transferred between devices.
  • Literally, any kind of digital content can be download – not just video content. This includes software, images, eBook, games, and… you name it!
  • But when it does come to video content, the quality is often considerably higher than streamed content. This is because there is no need to keep file sizes down to avoid buffering issues, since content is played locally.
  • BitTorrent is a very efficient and resource-light way to share and promote your own content with others.

Many Linux distros find torrent links are the best way to distribute their software without having to host it on costly servers.

Use a VPN when torrenting

BitTorrent content is shared among multiple home computers. This is not good for privacy because sharing files with a bunch of other random 'downloaders” on the internet is hardly private.

Using the right software (which includes many popular BitTorrent clients), it is very easy to see the unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of every other person also sharing ('downloading”) the same file.

As demonstrated in Vuze above, I can see the IP addresses of every other person who is downloading the same files as me.

Is torrenting legal?

Yes, torrenting is entirely legal, while the content you share might not be. Torrenting is just a protocol that allows you to share things peer-to-peer. Since laws differ around the world, it's difficult to say what is legal and what isn't, although sharing copyrighted material without the express permission of the owner almost always errs on the side of illegal.

It's pretty easy to catch those that torrent illegally shared content, because the nature of torrenting means your IP address is on show to anyone else sharing the file. All the copyright holder, or a third party representing them, would need to do is notify your internet service provider (ISP) to take legal action against you.

This is why it is important to use a VPN to protect yourself online.

Why should I use a VPN when torrenting?

A VPN will protect you while downloading because:

  • A VPN will hide your IP address from other downloaders. As mentioned in the previous section, torrenting puts your IP address on display for others that are sharing the file. Connecting to a VPN server masks your IP address to protect your privacy.
  • A VPN encrypts all internet traffic between your computer and the VPN server. This means that your ISP cannot see what you've been getting up to online. Of course, deep packet inspection will reveal that you have been downloading, but they will be none the wiser as to what.

VPNs with robust logging policies will have nothing to hand over to the authorities, no matter what pressure they may come under. A VPN will also unblock websites if they are censored for any reason.

So as long as P2P is permitted, a VPN is very effective at protecting your privacy while downloading.

For a more in-depth look at how VPNs work, please check out VPNs for Beginners – What You Need to Know. For a more in-depth guide to using a VPN while torrenting, check out Best VPN for Torrenting guide.

BitTorrent protocol encryption

Some BitTorrent clients support BitTorrent protocol encryption. These include Transmission, qBitTorrent, and Vuze. It is a feature designed to hide the fact that you are torrenting from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

VPNs also do this, as well as hiding your real IP address from other torrent users and anyone else watching on the internet. Furthermore:

Analysis of the BitTorrent protocol encryption has shown that statistical measurements of packet sizes and packet directions of the first 100 packets in a TCP session can be used to identify the obfuscated protocol with over 96% accuracy.

Best Mac Torrenting Client 2021

This means that even the most basic Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques can determine that you are using BitTorrent. Now, it is true that DPI can also easily detect VPN use (unless obfuscated), but while there are many legitimate reasons to use a VPN, there is only one reason to use BitTorrent protocol encryption…

Using BitTorrent protocol encryption is therefore probably better than using nothing at all, but using a VPN provides much better protection while downloading.

How do I use a BitTorrent client?

One reason for the popularity of online streaming services (including via the use of Kodi boxes) is the perception that torrenting is a geeky pastime that requires technical know-how. In reality, however, torrenting is very easy:

  1. Download and install a BitTorrent client from the list above.
  2. (Optional but strongly recommended) Ensure you have a VPN running. This will bypass censorship of torrent sites, hide your IP from others you fileshare with, and hide your downloads from your ISP. Check out our VPN for Torrents guide for a list of recommended services.
  3. Visit a BitTorrent website. These websites host links to torrent files. You can browse for content that interests you, or search for something specific. Many websites include user-reviews of torrents, which can help you pick good torrents.
  4. When you have found the content you want, simply click on the torrent link or magnet link. The torrent will open in your BitTorrent client and begin downloading.
  5. When the download is 100% completed, enjoy! Some BitTorrent clients have media-players built-in, but VLC will play pretty much any media file you can throw at it.


BitTorrent is a decentralized file-sharing platform. In order for it to work, users share files with other users. This happens while you download a file, but it is considered good form to leave your BitTorrent client open after you have finished downloading a file in order to benefit other users.

This is called seeding, and it is considered good netiquette to seed to a ratio of at least 1:1 (i.e. upload the same amount of data you downloaded). Most BitTorrent clients will display the seed ratio of downloaded files.

Other Stuff

You don’t need to know much more about torrenting than the information provided above. If you ever wish to explore the subject further, however, this glossary is a good introduction to the jargon used.

Movie torrents, in particular, have a great deal of jargon associated with them. To make informed decisions about the content you plan to download, it is useful to familiarize yourself with it.

One thing to watch out for on public torrent sites is sponsored links. These are often prominently displayed and are deliberately designed to confuse. They typically point to either commercial direct download sites or Usenet services. Look for a link that specifically says 'Torrent” or 'Magnet Link.”

Find the best torrent sites

Findinf the best torrent sites can be quite difficult these days due to the blocks ISPs imposes on these websites. However, check out our best torrent sites article for a list of our favorite in 2021.


If anything, the torrenting crowd is over-served by great BitTorrent clients! Indeed, this top five list hardly even scrapes the surface of the many that are available. The fact that most of them are free and open source software (FOSS) warms the cockles of my heart!

With such a wealth of options available, I’m sure many of you will have a favorite that is not listed here. If so, do please write in to tell me and other readers why you think it is so great!

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