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A little while ago I had looked at the Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the AppStore and it worked with 10.7 and newer. Now after getting this machine up to that, I see that the 8.0.33 update of RDC from just last week requires 10.9, taking it out of reach and fitting in nicely with the rest of the story that I will not bore you with. Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac is an application that allows connecting to virtual apps or another PC remotely. Discover the power of Windows with Remote Desktop designed to help you manage your work from any location over a network connection. In Finder, drag the “Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta” from within Downloads to drop on the Applications folder. If you are using the program often, drag the “Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta” from within Applications to drop on the Task Bar so that it is visually avaiable. Click the red “Add desktop” icon. Download Latest Version for Mac. Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the best remote desktop clients out there in the market. It now has a Mac version available as well. The Mac version helps users to connect their PC to their Mac and work seamlessly across the machines. The setup of this software is easy to do.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App Dmg Software. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. Connect to Windows-based PCs to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and networks from your Mac. Details: Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac 2020 full offline installer setup for Mac. With Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, you can connect to a.

I think you are out of luck, I don;t think you can download it from anywhere else.

Maybe also look into

Why don't you try downloading it on your computer and see if you can extract the file from the download? Right-click and show package content.

PS: Is that: the right client?
I can't test it since I don't have a MAC at work.

or this one:

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Microsoft Remote Desktop 9 Dmg

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Microsoft Remote Desktop 9 Dmg Free



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Microsoft Remote Desktop 9 Dmg Software

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Microsoft Remote Desktop 9 Dmg File

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