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Best mind mapping software for Mac, 1.

  1. It’s not always easy for students with ADHD to remain focused and organized, but using mind maps can help. It makes tasks more visual. MindNode is an app that uses mind maps to help students better visualize their thoughts. It can help them to link ideas and arrange points for an essay, and stay more organized.
  2. Price: $6.99 One-time payment. With MindNode you can transform nodes into tasks and sync with Apple Reminders allowing you to stay on top of your tasks. In addition, this mind map app for iPad enables you to arrange nodes or tasks into categories through visual tags or using one color for related ideas.
  3. The latest Tweets from MindNode (@mindnode). MindNode helps you connect your thoughts and clarify your ideas. If you need help: [email protected] Vienna, Austria.

Here’s the hard truth about a creative process: brilliant ideas fade fast if the only place they inhabit is your mind. Mind mapping tools are a good way to develop ideas, as well as give them permanent residence. Be it a presentation, a storyline, or a project plan, good ideas can embrace any shape if you let them out.

Mind mapping automation with MindNode app

Paper and pencil do a good job if you need to record a random thought. This is why writers carry a notebook at all times. But when it comes to working with your ideas, you need a more powerful instrument.

MindNode is a mind map maker for Mac, which takes your thoughts to a better place. It starts by capturing ideas in any form and builds a logical flow, based on your thinking process. Brainstorm, build connections, focus on specific points, view the full flow, and share what you’ve done – MindNode makes the whole process a breeze.

Mindnode 6

Your thoughts take any shape

Eureka moments are tricky – you never know where they hide or what the camouflage is. With MindNode, you can master idea hunting pretty fast, though.

To get the creative juices flowing, jot down some notes, keywords, or major ideas in Quick Entry accessible via the menu bar widget. The app gives you total freedom to record ideas as they come, and you shouldn’t worry about the format. Links, images, or text, there’s the right package for any of your thoughts.

To add illustrations to your mind map, use Sticker Search. MindNode has a collection of tinted and colored stickers enabling you to bring complicated brainstorm maps to life.

Effectively visualize ideas

The point of creating a mind map is to see how your ideas work together. MindNode allows you to build and manage connections between nodes in your own way. Connect, detach, or reorganize – you can make any changes, without your mind map falling apart. To focus on specific ideas, fold and unfold nodes by level or put a spotlight on a specific area through the Focus Mode.

If you want to view your mind map without connections, navigate to View in the menu bar and toggle between Show/Hide connections.

All ideas at a glance

If your mind map is the size of the universe, it could be difficult to process. But not if you let MindNode organize ideas for you. With unlimited themes and node styles, the app is an easy way to systemize complex concepts and flows. You can search your document and navigate easily by switching to the Outline view in the top left corner.

If your mind map is the size of the universe, enable Focus View mode to concentrate on specific points and ideas. Simply select the area you want to highlight and click on the plus sign in the upper menu of the MindNode menu.

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Share your mind mapping

Interactive docs that you create with MindNode shouldn’t stay hidden up. The app gives you multiple options to share your nice-looking mind maps with anyone. The easiest way is to use a native web service called myMindNode. Alternatively, share your creations with AirDrop, Mail, or Messages.

Even if you can keep 100 things in your head, you’ll hardly connect them without a powerful visualization tool. MindNode does even more. If you want to access your mind maps on multiple devices, get the iOS version as well. It has multi-select, external screen support, and panel customization features. So that it feels yours, anywhere.

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Try the MindNode on Setapp for 7 days free of charge – just enough to see how interconnected ideas make your life easier.

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