Openmediavault Docker Raspberry Pi

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Openmediavault 5 docker raspberry pi 4

Openmediavault Docker Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi

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    Hi All,

    I am very new to this and found OMV amazing.

    I have been using OMV4 for some time with WebDav.

    I migrated to OMV5 and tried using docker to install WebDav with no success. Spent many hours Googlingand trying different dockers.

    OMV4 worked like a dream.

    I erased my image of OMV4 and replaced with OMV5.

    Now I have now way to go back as OMV4 images for rpi have been removed.

    can any one help with instalaltion of working Webdav on OMV5?

    Or point me to an image of OMV4.

    Can the producers of OMV5 please consider putting WEbdav plugins back?


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Openmediavault Docker Raspberry Pi

OpenMediaVault + Docker on raspberry pi 4? I'm thinking of installing openmediavault on the raspberry pi and use docker to run everything. Currently, I'm thinking to have pihole, qbittorrent, plex, nginx, and other dockers that uses port 80. I'm might try to use nginx-manager to redirect all the network into the docker containers directly. Hi ppl im new here and is the first time i use raspberry pi then i hava follow tutorial to instal de and i instaled after that i did not have omv extras then i fallow totorials and i installed and the docker now when i try to update i.