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If you purchased the Pro Apps Bundle for Education and your organization is enrolled in Apple School Manager, you can exchange unredeemed app codes that you purchased separately or that are preinstalled with the purchase of a Mac for app licenses that you can use with managed distribution. The apps are added to the Content Manager account you provide.

‎The drummerApps Discount Bundle gives you 3 incredible drummer apps for a fraction of the individual retail price. Included in the bundle are: iDrumTune Pro - the world’s most advanced, accurate and intelligent system for assisting and educating on drum tuning. Now also with Drum Kit Designer feat.

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Apple is offering students a massive discount on a bundle of pro apps that includes Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X and more. The total cost of the apps included in the set would be just under $630. This is a 1-of-10 clear Macintosh SE, only made as a prototype. It was made for smoke testing; the clear plastic was to see how smoke would be inside the computer. My uncle’s gf got to take one of these home when she left Apple a while ago! It's the same bundle. It's linked with the Apple ID used to purchase the hardware and software. I honestly wouldn't get a MacBook for use with the pro apps. The system requirements are such that, except for the simplest projects, I would not get less than a 15' MacBook Pro. The minimum system requirements listed for the software are just that.

Pro apps bundle for education mac

You can buy the Pro Apps Bundle for Education from the Apple Online Store for Education1. After you purchase the Bundle, you receive email with redeemable content codes for each app. You can only exchange unredeemed codes.

Pro Apps Bundle Mac


Exchange codes for managed distribution apps

  1. Visit the Education support form.
  2. From the “Tell us about your issue” menu, choose 'Other'.
  3. Complete the required fields and submit the form.

After you submit the form, an Apple support advisor will contact you to request a list of unredeemed app codes to exchange and the Content Manager account you would like the managed distribution apps added to.

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After you receive the exchanged apps, you can't change the distribution method.

1Education pricing for individuals through the Apple Online Education Store is available to college students, students accepted to college, parents buying for college students, faculty, homeschool teachers, and staff at all grade levels.