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Messages may be issued from the Python CoolProp wrapper via the Python warnings module. This module allowsnon-fatal warning messages to be issued to the calling program and stdout to warn ofimproper function usage or deprecation of features. These warnings will, bydefault, be issued each and every time a suspect call is made to CoolProp. While, the bestsolution is to correct the calling code according to the message received, sometimes this isdifficult to do in a legacy or third party code and can result in many, many warning messages that obscurethe output and hinder debugging.

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Spyder Python Download Mac

Suppressing warning messages¶

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The calling code can suppress or ignore these warning messages by overriding the defaultwarnings filter and changing the behavior of the warnings module. As an example, thefollowing script will result in a DeprecationWarning on each call to the deprecated functionProps():

Example output:


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Legacy applications can create a filter override to ignore all deprecation warnings by includingthe following code just after the last import from CoolProp, but before any calls to CoolProp:

To suppress, for example, only deprecation warning messages that contain the string “Props()”,the second parameter to filterwarnings() can be a pattern matching regular expression:

This filter will suppress any DeprecationWarning messages that contain the string “Props()” but willallow all other warning messages to be displayed. The first parameter, ignore, can also be set toonce, which will result in a given message to be issued only once and then ignored on further instances.


See Python >>> Module Warnings for more information on using filterwarnings()