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We think that TotalFinder was able to really make a difference in the usability of Finder, and we found there was a great deal of support for it. In April 2012 we released TotalSpaces for macOS Lion, since the grid spaces functionality that we absolutely loved was removed by Apple after the Snow Leopard release. Download version 10.00 of Total Commander(fully functional Shareware version, 5MB EXE file): Direct download (RECOMMENDED): 32-bit version only (Windows 95 up to Windows 10, runs on 32-bit AND 64-bit machines!) 64-bit version only (Windows XP up to Windows 10, runs ONLY on 64-bit machines!).

Totalfinder bar at bottom of the screenMac

Totalfinder Big Sur


Totalfinder For Mac

I really only need tabs in finder, unless there is some other convincing feature I'm missing. So which one of these will work best for me?
TotalFinder is $20, seems pretty overpriced to be honest.
XtraFinder is free, tabs are considered 'experimental.' I worry that they mean 'turn this on and finder will just crash a lot!'
Path Finder is $40. That's a lot of dollarbucks. I don't think I'd use anything it does really, seems like an overload of features that I don't need but maybe I'm missing something.
Thoughts? Is TotalFinder the best middle ground?