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Update docker to latest version windowsUpdate docker to latest version downloadApt-key

Step 1: Update the docker compose file. First of all, you need to edit the existing docker compose file with the version number of the latest image. It can be viewed at Docker Hub, specifically under the 'tags' section of the application. Move into the application directory and edit the docker-compose file with a command line text editor. Docker commit 782ce39021a0 wordpress:new2. Here 782ce39021a0 is the existing container ID where you made the configuration changes and wordpress:new2 image name with tag. You can also save the changes to the existing Docker image. Here we creating a new image with different tag value.


Updating your Portainer server it’s pretty easy if you follow this tutorial.

I suppose you didn’t use docker-compose if you don’t know what it is don’t worry, I’ve written both solution in this tutorial.

Before you start go on Portainer web interface Containers>Portainers and check the Volume section.

Be sure that you have the portainer_data to /data, otherwise, you are going to lose all your container configurations.

Update Docker To Latest Version Mac

How to stop and delete the Portainer container

Open your terminal and write

sudo docker ps


Now you’ll see all the containers that are running.

We need to stop the portainer/portainer container. Your CONTAINER ID is gonna be different from mine, so change it.

You don’t have to write all the id, the first three numbers are enough.
sudo docker stop 498

It should print the same number.

Now we need to remove the container using the rm command.

Update Docker To Latest Version

sudo docker rm 498

Also here it should print the same number.

How to remove and update the Portainer image

Now we need to remove the old image of Portainer. I have seen some tutorials where they don’t do it but they were not working for me.

sudo docker image ls

Now you need to do the same thing but with the IMAGE ID.

sudo docker image rm 2869 --force

Now we can finally run again the Portainer container. Since we deleted the old image it’s going to download the latest one from docker.

We just need to run the same command that we run during the first installation

Now your Portainer web interface should be again accessible and updated.

Update Docker To Latest Version

If you successfully updated your Portainer container please leave a message here or vote the tutorial, so I can now if it’s still working or not.

Update Portainer using docker compose

If you are using a docker-compose.yml file like this one you it should be easier to manage everything.

If these commands don’t help you can follow the previous instructions about how to delete the old image and download the new one.

Update Docker To Latest Version Download

If you can’t update Portainer leave a message and I’ll try to help you.

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