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Common VUDU Disc to Digital Not Working Problems and Solutions

  • Content VUDU Customer Care at 1‐888‐554‐VUDU (8838) A network problem caused this download to fail. Stalled Download Check the network connection with VUDU by attempting to stream a trailer or other free content. If the problem persists, content VUDU Customer Care at 1‐888‐554‐VUDU (8838).
  • Sign In to Vudu. Forgot your Vudu password? Create a new Vudu account.

No Vudu ToGo for Mac anymore? I found this post from 2 months ago but the instructions don't match what's currently on the D2D website. Vudu To Go is not in the App Store and when you click on the link in the footer on it says it's only for iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Go to Vudu Movie and set the “Full Screen” mode or you can adjust to select the area that you want to adjust. When all is set and ready, click on “REC” button. To stop recording click on “Stop” or “ESC” button. Record Vudu to MP4. The program will record your Vudu Movie in MP4 format. When you click on “Finished” button. Get our free Vudu app and watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. Buy or rent from over 150,000 titles and watch the latest releases weeks before Blu-ray/DVD, Netflix, and Redbox. Also, watch thousands of movies for free on your Xbox One, and in up to 4K + HDR on the Xbox One S and One X. Download your movies.

Q: I tried to login VUDU Disc to Digital program. But it went back to the main screen and acted like I didn't even login after I hit enter it. The customer support suggested me to uninstall Adobe air and the VUDU app and reinstall. Unfortunately, it still didn't work.
A: Update VUDU D2D app according to official prompts and then redownload the app.

Vudu To Go App For Mac

Q: I installed the latest version of VUDU TO GO and Adobe AIR on my indows 7 laptop. After logging in to my VUDU account, I only get a black screen under the 'Disc to Digital' tab.
A: To fix black screen problem, users need reinstall Vudu to Go and Air to start fresh. Warm note: this will delete any downloaded movies you have on the app.

Is There A Vudu App For Macbook

Q: After I insert a disc to my computer, I find that the VUDU TO GO did not reading disc though I can clearly hear my computer scaning the disc. Then, I have to click the Add Disc button again and again. Finally, VUDU TO GO keeps showing the words 'Waiting for Disc' all the time.
A: This 'waiting for disc problem' may caused by DVD drive. DVD drive can't even read or identify a Bluray disc. So, if you own older Macs or PCs with only drives or external disc drives, you should take Blu-ray discs into WallMart who will convert and upload them to VUDU for you.

Vudu to go mac app

Q: I stacked up 15 of my DVDs & a few Blurays and tried this VUDU Disc to Digital app. Only 3 of them were recognized. So this is no help to us with a large european/UK collection.
A: There are many movies that you're unable to convert with the In-Home D2D program and especially some were released in the last 6 months. Usually, you'll get the not working errors like 'There was a problem verifying this disc', 'unable to identify this disc', 'This disc is not eligible for Disc to Digital conversion', etc. In fact, to solve such kind of problem verifying disc, you can directly turn to another high quality DVD ripper.

Q: We can no longer build a list of D2D titles to print and take to Walmart. When we select a title it says 'Download VUDU To Go to get started'. Are we no longer allowed to create a list on VUDU before we go to Walmart?
A: Do that at the old link: They may update their web interface.

Vudu To Go Application

Q: I am unable to add any movies to my Disc to Digital List. I added a bunch of movies to my list but didn't print it. Then next day, I tried to re-add items I've added before it says 'Error is already added'. But it was still not working. I took my movies to Walmart and they are unable to fix this error.
A: VUDU may have had some contract issues.

Q: I collect lots of favorite DVDs like Better Off Dead, Back To School, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hot Tub Time Machine and more. I would like to digitize DVD collection via Vudu's in-home Disc to Digital. But all of them are rejected.
A: Some VUDU partners don't give permission for all their films to be converted by VUDU Disc to digital service even if they do offer them for rental or sale through VUDU.
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Vudu To Go Application Download Error

In addition to the aforementioned not working problems (VUDU Disc to Digital not recognizing disc, Disc to Digital list not working, DVD disc reading error, etc), another factor you should take into consideration is the price of DVD converision via VUDU D2D service. According to its official statement, users should pay $2 per DVD to convert to SD formats, $2 per Blu-ray disc to HD and $5 per DVD to convert to HDX. It seems like more expensive than normal DVD ripper.