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‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about WhatsApp Desktop. Download WhatsApp Desktop for macOS 10.10.0 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.

  • Sep 21, 2021 WhatsApp’s interface is pretty easy to understand and intuitive. Unlike the mobile version of the app that has three tabs for calls, chats, and contacts, the desktop and Mac versions of WhatsApp only has a panel of chats at the left side of the screen and the conversation thread at the right.
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  • Oct 01, 2021 Download Whatsapp Application For Macbook Pro. It is fairly easy to set this up on your MacBook with a few simple steps and get it working. The main caveat is that you should already be using WhatsApp on your phone otherwise this will not work. You will also need OS X 10.9 and higher on your MacBook.
  • Dec 03, 2018 The web client, WhatsApp Web allows users to access their message online, and to send or receive messages on a desktop computer or laptop. It was released in January 2015, and it acts as a direct extension from your mobile device. Whereas you need to download WhatsApp for Mac on your desktop, you can use WhatsApp for web directly in your web.

Whatsapp has become one of the most trending messaging platforms all around the world the company in 2016

If you’re a Mac user, in this case, if you think the Whatsapp is limited to the cell phone then I must tell you, my friend, Whatsapp can be used on Windows and Mac OS devices without having an iPhone.

Generally, there are some methods from which you can easily access your Whatsapp Account in your MacBook without taking any expert help.

Download any iOS Emulator from Google, I recommend you to use BlueStacks because its best and secure and available for free BlueStacks. But you must remember this installation required a cell phone for temporary based to receive an automatic call.

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After this follow below-given step by step guides to connect your WhatsApp Account to Macbook or any OSX devices.

  • Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Click the WhatsApp download link to download and install WhatsApp on your computer. Open WhatsApp Web in your browser. When you get the QR code prompt, use the mobile app’s scanner to scan it.

Install BlueStacks into your Mac OS X device after downloading it from Google.

Sign In into your Google Account in BlueStacks to Register as a new user.

Now follow on-screen instructions till you reach you to the Step where WhatsApp ask you to the enter phone number to complete the installation process. Enter the phone number that you currently have to get an automatic call.


Whatsapp will send you verification SMS a 4 digit number. Enter that number into BlueStacks app on WhatsApp Installation on Macbook screen to complete the process of Whatsapp installation.

You cannot use WhatsApp on your Macbook and cell phone at the same time. Which simply means when you’re using WhatsApp on your MacBook you cannot see or send any message from your iPhone. And if you try to install WhatsApp with the same phone number in another system you no longer able to use WhatsApp on your Macbook.

WhatsApp introduced its new feature last year called WhatsApp Web that allows the user to connect your WhatsApp Account on Windows or OSX devices. Using this feature you can connect your current active WhatsApp on MacBook without a phone.

Open Safari Web Browser on your Macbook. Go to the search bar and type “www.web.whatsapp.com” and hit the enter button.

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Tap on the right upper corner on the 3 dots to open the list and tap on “WhatsApp Web”.

Use your iPhone to scan QR code display on your MacBook screen from your cell phone.

You’ve successfully connected your WhatsApp Account to Macbook. Now you can use WhatsApp from any place via your MacBook in case if you cannot have access to your iPhone.

The WhatsApp Web application has limited features compared to WhatsApp on a cell phone. Likely you cannot make a video call on WhatsApp Web. However, there are also some advantages features such as desktop alert, keyboard typing, share video or audio files along with document file attachments.

If you think the above methods is a pretty long process, Then try to consider ChitChat this is a standalone Mac app that is basically a web page covering for WhatsApp Web. Just download the app and start using WhatsApp without having a hassle.

Firstly you’ve to download ChitChat, After this install it on your MacBook. This Mac App work exactly like WhatsApp Web application one of the pros of using ChitChat work well in Mac OS X system compares to Windows. In web browsers, the Web Applications reduces the speed of your system.

Download: ChitChat v1.3

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by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-03-24 / Update for WhatsApp Tips

With messages peaking at 64 billion, there’s no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platform available today. But if there’s one thing that lacks from the service, it’s that it focuses too much on mobile.

There are people who prefer to use the desktop version of their favorite messenger app simply because it’s more convenient and takes less time in composing messages. WhatsApp could lose this audience segment to the competitor if there’s no love left for the desktop.

If you are a Mac user and you’d love to use WhatsApp on your Mac machine, what can you do? How to install WhatsApp on Mac?

Finally, the Official Desktop App

Fortunately, WhatsApp finally realizes that their users are not always on mobile. After years of turning blind eye to the desktop, the company releases the desktop app. Users can download the app on the official web page. Mac users can also get it from the Mac App Store, but the one from the official website is usually more recent as getting approved on the Mac App Store could take some time.

Whatsapp For Macbook Air

After downloading and installing the desktop app, open it and scan the QR code using the mobile app. Follow the instructions according to your phone model.

After the quick QR scan, the app will sync all the conversations between the desktop and the mobile version.

Similar to the web version of WhatsApp, this desktop app is also acting as the extension to the mobile app and not as an independent entity. So to use it, you need to have the mobile version running and connected to the internet. It’s less convenient but the company claims this approach is taken to increase the security.

Other Solutions

The long gap between the first time debut of WhatsApp on mobile and the availability of the desktop app causes users and many developers to try to come up with their own solutions. Here are several methods other than using the official desktop version that you can use to use WhatsApp on your Mac.

Using Web Browser

Before the desktop app was available, there’s the web version of WhatsApp. Anybody can use it by opening the URL in his/her browser.

You could also use Fluid or Chrome SSB to turn the web version into a dedicated desktop app.

Using Third-Party Apps

There are tons of other chat apps available for Mac. Some are free and some are paid, some WhatsApp only, some others support multiple messaging app platforms.

If you want to try WhatsApp only app, try the free ChitChat. But if you want to use WhatsApp alongside other chat platforms under one app, try Franz.

Download Whatsapp For Macbook Air

Protecting Your WhatsApp Data

Bluestacks Whatsapp Free Download For Macbook Pro

WhatsApp has become an important part of our daily life that people use it for everything from the menial conversations to maybe the million dollar deals. To some people, the conversation data is so important that they need to be able to protect it.

Download Whatsapp For My Macbook Pro

Dock for macbook pro 16. One tool that can help you with the task is UltData or Android Data Recovery. It is the easiest way to preserve your WhatsApp data. The UltData can backup and recover WhatsApp data, messages, videos and photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android Data Recovery supports Android devices.

The standout feature of WhatsApp web is that it works right away on your PC or Mac, without the need to download WhatsApp messenger software to your computer. The drawback is that you still need a smartphone with an active WhatsApp Account, in order to use WhatsApp Web on your Windows computer or MacBook.

The Web version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web) allows you to use WhatsApp on your Desktop and Laptop computer. You will find below the steps to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac.

Use WhatsApp Web on PC & Mac

  1. Here you see the best free apps on the mac app store to download for your new macbook air or macbook pro. Start your mac experience with the best free apps today.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Tap on the right upper corner on the 3 dots to open the list and tap on “WhatsApp Web”. Step 3: Use your iPhone to scan QR code display on your MacBook screen from your cell phone. Step 4: You’ve successfully connected your WhatsApp Account to Macbook. Now you can use WhatsApp from any place via your MacBook.
  3. How to install Cloud-Ready on any Mac or MacBook. Navigate to the Neverware website, scroll down till you see the option for personal, home use. Alternatively, you can click on this link. There you can see the download links for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. Under the Mac Section, download the 64 -Bit zip file.

The standout feature of WhatsApp web is that it works right away on your PC or Mac, without the need to download WhatsApp messenger software to your computer.

The drawback is that you still need a smartphone with an active WhatsApp Account, in order to use WhatsApp Web on your Windows computer or MacBook.

WhatsApp web basically duplicates or brings your WhatsApp Account from smartphone to the larger screen of your Windows computer or MacBook.

With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac.

1. Get WhatsApp on Your Phone

As mentioned above, you do need an active WhatsApp Account on your smartphone in order to use WhatsApp Web on PC or Mac.

If you do not yet have a WhatsApp Account, you can refer to our guide to setup and use WhatsApp on Android Phone and WhatsApp on iPhone.

Whatsapp For Macbook Pro Free Download

2. Visit WhatsApp

Open Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or the Edge browser browser on your computer and visit the WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page.

Once you land on WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp Web page, you will see a QR Code on the screen of your computer, prompting you to scan the QR Code.

3. Scan QR Code With Your Phone

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone > tap on the 3-dots menu icon and select WhatsApp Web option in the drop-down menu.

2. Next, point the Rear Camera of your phone towards the QR Code located on the screen of your computer.

3. Once the QR Code appears on the screen of your phone, tap on OK, GOT IT to scan the QR Code.

4. Start Using WhatsApp on Computer

Once the QR Code is scanned by your phone, you will immediately see your WhatsApp Account and Messages on the screen of your computer.

Now, you can start using WhatsApp on your computer, just like you do on your iPhone or Android Phone.

Advantages of WhatsApp Web

1. It is faster to type on a full scale keyboard of your computer, compared to typing on a phone.

2. Your desktop has more processing power, memory and speed compared to a phone. This allows you to send, receive and download pictures and videos faster.

3. You can download media directly to your PC, without having to worry about the storage limit.

Whatsapp for mac

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

1. You still need your mobile phone with an active WhatsApp Account, unless you make use of this workaround: Use WhatsApp on PC Without Mobile Phone.

2. You may end up using data both on your phone and computer, unless you make sure that you are using WiFi Network on your phone.

3. It is not convenient to use Emoji’s as they are not mapped to your keyboard. You can still add them manually by using the Emoji keyboard available in the web interface

4. WhatsApp does not allow you to block users directly through the web interface. Also, you cannot change your profile picture or profile status while using the web interface.


5. WhatsApp Web interface does not allow you to start a new group chat or leave an existing group Chat.

6. It is advisable not to use WhatsApp Web on a public computer – Well you certainly can use it, but make sure that you Logout of WhatsApp while leaving the public computer.

Let me guess, you’re having a great conversation on WhatsApp and you reach your office or just got home and are browsing the web on your Mac and what happens?


Now you have to juggle chatting with your friends on one device and working/playing on another device. It’s a typical dilemma that interrupts the flow of a conversation and wish you could just download WhatsApp for Mac so that you could transfer your conversation from one device to another. Lucky for you, these awesome tips will help you master WhatsApp.

Is it that far of a reach to say you want to use a messaging system in all your devices without having to carry around a mobile phone, laptop, etc. to get your work done? Unfortunately, at this time WhatsApp has not created a desktop version for Mac or PC. However, that may change quickly, which I’ll talk about a bit below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the WhatsApp service you must be living under a rock somewhere. It’s a huge service that offers messaging to all of your friends anywhere in the world. Albeit, they have to have the app downloaded on their iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, or whatever they have. But let’s be honest, with WhatsApp hitting 500 million users that shouldn’t be a problem!

WhatsApp Desktop Security Concerns

You’re not the only one looking to use WhatsApp for your Mac, or if you own a PC you’ll likely want to use their service on that too. The side effect of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people wanting to use a service that doesn’t exist. That creates an opening for malicious people to try to trick people into downloading their software program, which actually installs a virus or steals your information and uses it elsewhere.

A lot of sites out there claim to give you a Mac or PC desktop version of WhatsApp, however, I never advise downloading something from a website that is not official. There are legal and verified was to get WhatsApp on your computer, which I will talk about below. However, make sure you always download an app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Don’t download an app from a non-official source. It can get dangerous quickly.

Is WhatsApp for Mac Coming Soon?

You may have heard that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, with a B! Given that little aspect and another one, I can bet you’ll see a desktop version within the next year. Consider that both WeChat and Line, two of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors have desktop versions, you can bet that WhatsApp will catch up. They’re ultimately providing a less superior service as compared to their competitors when it comes to Mac and PC desktop support. On top of that, they have Facebook fiscally backing their product now, which makes almost certain that they have the resources available to make it happen. Likely you will see a desktop version within the coming year. Facebook would be missing out in a big way if they didn’t do so.

Push WhatsApp Messages To Your Mac

One of the newest apps is called Notifyr, which let’s you sync your iOS notifications right to your Mac. This means any notification you get from WhatsApp can be downloaded and pushed straight to your computer through this little app. Note, you will need to download the app both for your iOS device and for your Mac computer. The two apps talk to each other and push your notifications straight over. Edit: Depending on your version of OS X, you may not need Notifyr. Newer versions allow a lot of syncing between your mobile devices and your computer, so certain apps may already send push notifications. If you have an older version of OS X, though, perhaps you may still want to give it a look.

The apps use Bluetooth to connect with each other so you will need to turn on Bluetooth and most likely it will use a little bit more energy if the bluetooth feature is on all day. However, the claim is that there is not an abnormal rate of power loss when using Notifyr all day long. It’s a pretty new app so may include some bugs but ultimately is a great idea and one that we can get on board with! Try it out and let us know what you think below. Does it drain your battery life more than normal? Do you get all your messages across without any hiccups? Was it easy to pair your iPhone to your Mac, etc?

One of the biggest downsides to this is that you can only receive messages on your Mac, you can’t send them. Basically, it is similar to your push notifications you have on your phone, it pushes notifications but you can’t respond without going back to your phone. Hence why, we will take a look at an option that gives you full functionality and usability.

WhatsApp for Mac Using Andyroid

Whatsapp For Pc Macbook Pro Free Download


A great option is to use an Android emulator called Andyroid that just recently released a Mac version to go along with their current PC version. Basically, this will let you run any type of app that you want on your Mac and it will mimic an Android device perfectly.

Another good thing about Andyroid is that you don’t need to verify your Google Play account with an Android device. All you need to do is make sure you have a Google Play account and from there you will be able to get everything setup quickly and completely for free. Just follow these steps.

  1. First, head over to Andyroid and download their Android emulator.
  2. Once you’ve gotten it downloaded you will want to install it onto your computer by double clicking on the installation .dmg file.
  3. When you open up Andyroid for the first time you will be asked if you want to login, make sure you login to your Google Play account, which will let you sync your Google accounts. If you normally use an Android device, it will give you the option to just sync your account and it will download and install all of your apps onto the Andyroid app.
  4. If you don’t automatically get WhatsApp, just head over to the Google Play app on the bottom.
  5. From there, search for WhatsApp in the Google Play store and click download. That will download the app onto your desktop and you just need to login to your account and you’ll be able to chat with friends.

Remember that sometimes people have issues with their graphics card not working well with emulators so make sure your computer is fully up to date on your software updates. If you find that there is an issue you may want to try BlueStacks below which can give you a different approach and sometimes will work better if Andyroid does not work well.

Both apps are completely free so feel free to try Andy or BlueStacks to see what works the fastest and has the least amount of glitches while running WhatsApp. I work on a Mac and find Andy is the better option as BlueStacks often runs slow and crashes on my computer. Also, sometimes it’s hard to get setup and run apps. Let us know in the comments below what your experience is with each of the two options.

Download WhatsApp For Mac Now

Luckily for you, there are options to use full functionality of WhatsApp for Mac computers. It requires you to download and use what’s called an Android emulator. Basically it tricks the app into thinking it’s being run on an Android device when it’s really being run on a Mac.

There are a bunch of Android emulators out there, however, the most user intuitive and best supported option is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the largest Android emulator apart from Android’s own emulator. However, the Android built emulator takes a lot more to setup and a lot more knowledge of coding. I recommend going with BlueStacks as the best option. Another ok option is YouWave, which costs $20 but is a good alternative if you can’t get BlueStacks working.

NOTE: You will need access to an Android device for this to work. As of now, there is no work around if you don’t already have a set up Google Play account. You’ll see why below.

To get WhatsApp installed and working on your Mac, follow the steps below. Make sure you follow them one by one without skipping any as they’re all important.

  1. First, you’ll want to head over to BlueStacks and download their emulator. You will likely download the BlueStacks beta version which is the newest release version.
  2. Now, once you’ve downloaded BlueStacks, go ahead and open up the .dmg file. It will create a disk image and simply drag the app over to your applications folder.
  3. Open up BlueStacks and it may take a bit to load and go through it’s initial setup. Once that is done, you will need to sync your Google Play account with BlueStacks.
  4. Now you will see a screen similar to below. You will want to click the 1-click sync button. That will sync your BlueStacks app with your Google Play account. Note, you must have a Google Play account with a verified device for this to work. If you don’t own an Android device, try to find someone who does own one and get their Google Play login. Basically, Google won’t let you download their apps if you don’t prove that you have a device that can use them. This is for security reasons.
  5. Now that you’ve got the Google Play login, go through the steps of setting up the sync. Make sure you verify your account and in the end you will be ready to get WhatsApp.
  6. After that’s done, click on the search icon at the top right and search for “WhatsApp” which will bring up the app. If you had already downloaded it to your Android device it will likely automatically sync all your apps.

Note: you will now have WhatsApp on your Mac using BlueStacks, however you will likely need to verify the account again. WhatsApp may send you a text message verification, if so just go through the process and verify that it is your account.

Now you can use WhatsApp when you’re at home, just lounging around the house or if you’re at work you can send messages with your friends back and forth. Let us know if you have questions about how to get BlueStacks up and running, it can be buggy, especially if you don’t have a current graphics card and if you haven’t synced your Google Play account with it.

Alternatives to WhatsApp For Mac

Download Whatsapp On Macbook Pro

If none of those options above satisfy you, there is always the option to use an app that will natively work on your Mac or PC. There are several competitors to WhatsApp that work on your Mac and you won’t have to deal with downloading an emulator and tricking the app. Also, if you don’t already have a Google Play account, say you only have Apple products, the Android emulator won’t help you all that much. Especially if you can’t find a friend to let you use their login. Below are some good alternatives that let you message anyone you like for free, voice call, etc.

  • iMessage: is a native Apple app that allows you to send messages to and from any Apple device. Whether you’re on iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or iMac you can sync all of your accounts together and send messages instantly over the internet. The big downside to this option is that it of course only works with friends that have a Mac or an iPhone or iPad. Your contact has to have an Apple ID login and be able to see your iMessages through one of the Apple devices. If most of your friends use Apple products, this is a great option to be able to communicate fast and easily. A positive of this option is that it just works. There is no setup as the app is already installed on all Apple products and you can just use it immediately.
  • Line: Is one of my favorite alternatives to WhatsApp. It’s easy to use, quick, fun and the best part is that it syncs with practically any mobile or desktop device. Whether you’re on a Mac, PC, iPhone or Android you can have Line installed on all devices and your messages will show up and sync across every one of them. Line has a cool feature that allows you to share and send stickers, a good way to liven up a conversation. If you want to expand your network to those that have non Apple products, Line is a good option. However, as with the other services, your contacts have to have Line for it to work. This may be a barrier if you don’t have a lot of friends on the messaging service as it’s not a lot of fun if you don’t have anyone to chat with, right?
  • WeChat: is another good option if you have friends that use and like WeChat. If no one you know uses it, then it makes the app kind of pointless. WeChat is another great contender, but ultimately you want to go where your friends are, unless you can convince them to join whichever app/service you’ve joined.

Download Whatsapp

Do you have any other questions about how to use WhatsApp on a Mac or some other good alternatives? Let me know if something develops and a new method comes out to use the app on your Mac computer. I’ll be interested to hear about it. As I said previously, I’m sure a desktop version will be out in no time and remember the primary thing is to have fun with it! Chat with your friends and socialize, after all, that is the point of these apps!